Virginia School Climate Survey Information

Helping our schools to maintain a safe and orderly school environment conducive to learning.

Fairfax County Public Schools will participate in the 2021 Virginia Secondary School Climate Survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide schools with information on school climate and safety conditions in order to maintain a safe and orderly school environment conducive to learning. The anonymous survey measures student and teacher/staff perceptions of school rules and discipline, teacher-student relationships, student engagement in school, and the extent of bullying and teasing at school.

The survey will be conducted between January 18 and February 5, 2021. This online survey takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. All schools with programs for students in grades six through eight may choose from two options for surveying students: (1) Survey all students from each 6-8 grade level; or (2) Survey a random sample of 25 students from each 6-8 grade level.

The survey will be administered online and will be accessed with any device connected to the internet.

View the 2021 Virginia School Climate Survey for students grades 6 through 8

For additional information on the survey please visit the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services webpage.

This spring your High School, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Education, is participating in this statewide survey.  The purpose of this survey is to help schools assess their progress in establishing a positive school climate that promotes student learning.  It will be completed online using computers at school and all answers are anonymous.

If you do not wish for your child to participate, please notify the school by completing the opt-out form and returning it to your school’s front office.   Thank you for your cooperation in this important study of school climate and safety.