School Safety & Threat Assessment

Parents and Students: View training modules on threat assessment and learn about FCPS' anonymous Tip Line.

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Fairfax County Public Schools has a well-established policy and protocol for responding to threats of violence in our schools. We have collaborated with the Youth Violence Project of the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education as part of our efforts to educate parents and students on how to help reduce threats and increase safety in our schools. 

We invite parents and students (12 and older) to view the following training modules on threat assessment. These brief modules will help you understand the threat assessment process used in our schools and how it can help prevent violence.

Access the modules at and use the appropriate access code:

•    Parent code-pgvsdt
•    Student code-sy8zk2

You will be asked to identify your school, but not yourself, when completing the training. Preview an excerpt from the student module

Find out about FCPS' Tip Line below.

Help Keep Your School Safe!

Please report any school safety issues, such as threats, dangerous rumors, drug use, theft, harassment, gang activities, existence of weapons, and vandalism to FCPS' Tip Line. It's completely anonymous.

About Threat Assessment in Virginia

Over the past decade, the Commonwealth of Virginia has led the nation in efforts to implement threat assessment procedures in institutions of higher education and pre-K-12 public schools.  In 2008, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation requiring public institutions of higher education to establish threat assessment teams with the goal of preventing violence on campus by assessing behaviors and intervening with individuals who may pose a threat to campus safety.  In 2013, the Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation requiring all public school divisions to establish and operate threat assessment teams in support of their schools–making Virginia the first state in the country to require such action.     

With the requirement of threat assessment mandates, the General Assembly also directed the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety (VCSCS) to study the application and implementation of threat assessment, develop model policies, procedures, and resources on threat assessment, and provide training to support institutions of higher education and pre-K-12 public schools. To satisfy these requirements, the VCSCS worked hand in hand with research partners, service providers, and subject matter experts to provide resources for schools, campuses, and law enforcement.  

About the Project

This project is being conducted by the Youth Violence Project of the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Virginia Department of Education. It is supported by Grant #NIJ 2014-CK-BX-0004 awarded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Dewey Cornell is the project’s principal investigator and Dr. Jennifer Maeng is the project director and can be contacted with questions at [email protected]


Please contact your child’s school administrator with questions about FCPS' threat assessment policy or how to report a threat.