TJHSST Junior Eligibility

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

All students interested in applying to the junior (11th grade) round must first submit (beginning April 3 and no later than April 21, 2023) their high school transcript through first semester 10th grade and official PSAT or SAT scores to the TJHSST Admissions Office for evaluation of eligibility before they can begin the application process. (Test scores must be in the upper 90th percentile in each category in order to apply.) The Admissions Office will notify you as to whether or not you are eligible to apply.

Residency Requirements:

All Junior round applicants must, at the time of application, live with a parent or legal guardian who resides full time in, and meets the residency requirements of, a school division that participates in TJHSST. (FCPS Regulation 3355) The applicant and the parent/legal guardian, therefore, must actually reside (be present) in the participating school division at the time of application. 

The school divisions currently participating in TJHSST are listed below.

If one family member is living here, but other family members including the potential applicant are living elsewhere and will be moving to join the resident family member after April 21, 2023, the student is not eligible to apply to TJHSST for the 2023-2024 school year. 

A very limited exception to the residency requirement is provided only for active-duty military with current orders.  Your PCS (permanent change of station) orders must show that you are ordered to report to this area after April 21, 2023, and before the first day of school for 2023. Retirement orders do not apply. Orders also must show names family members who are moving with you.

Proof of Residency

If you reside in a school district that participates in TJHSST at the time of application and attend a private school or are a homeschooled student, then proof of residency is required. When submitting an application, please include each of the three documents described on the Proof of Residency Form below. 

Contact the Admissions Office at [email protected] for additional information regarding required proof of residency requirement
•Arlington County
•Fairfax County (includes Fairfax City)
•Falls Church City
•Loudoun County
•Prince William County