Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program Program Improvement and Innovation Plan

Relevant details and data for the JROTC Program.

Program Overview

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program is

  • supported by the Army, Air Force, Marines, or Navy
  • offered to students in grades 9-12.

The specific military branch contracts with the individual school and the school system to offer this program. The programs are led by instructors who are retired from active or reserve duty. The instructors are trained and qualified by the military to teach and mentor cadets.

The JROTC program provides a four-year program of instruction that emphasizes

  • academic preparation
  • citizenship
  • leadership
  • character development
  • the scope and nature of the particular military service branch

Each military service offers a JROTC program to instill values of citizenship and service to the country. Students are motivated to become better citizens and develop a sense of personal responsibility and accomplishment. A rigorous curriculum provides content and authentic learning experiences that are relevant to 21st century education. It incorporates Portrait of a Graduate skills by requiring cadets to

  • collaborate
  • reflect
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • integrate content with other disciplines


The curriculum includes lessons in

  • leadership
  • health and wellness
  • physical fitness
  • first-aid
  • geography
  • American history and government
  • communications
  • emotional intelligence

JROTC programs provide cadets with co-curricular activities to allow for hands-on experiences and demonstrations of attainment of lesson outcomes. These activities can include:

  • Precision and exhibition military drill competitions
  • Air rifle competitions
  • Raider Challenge competitions
  • JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl
  • STEM Camp
  • JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (physical fitness competition)

Scope of Impact (2021-22)

JROTC is offered to students in grades 9-12 in the following locations:

  • Air Force ROTC
    • Chantilly Academy
  • Army JROTC
    • Edison High School
    • Hayfield Secondary School
    • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • South Lakes High School
    • West Potomac High School
  • Marine JROTC
    • Mount Vernon High School
  • Navy JROTC 
    • Herndon High School
School Level Number of Sites Number of Students Served
HS 8 814

Actions and Measures

Updated for the 2022-2023 school year.

Goal 1

Increase access to and enrollment in JROTC programs by at least 10% for the 23-24 SY.


  • Schools with JROTC programs will begin serving students in schools without JROTC programs where possible in order to increase equity and access. 
  • Promotional activities in the middle schools and community outreach activities will be conducted by the programs in order to increase awareness, participation, and enrollment.


Number of school sites served by the eight JROTC programs and number of students enrolled.

Goal 2

Increase participation in leadership development and co-curricular opportunities by at least 10% for the 22-23 SY.


  • JROTC programs will increase their partnerships with the community; including mentoring at elementary and middle schools in their pyramid and region, community service hours, and cross-curricular activities (i.e. criminal justice).
  • The program manager for JROTC programs will begin collecting an annual report from each JROTC program that will include their community service and co-curricular activities.


Number of activities and students participating, percentage of programs and students participating.