Forum Topics and Outcomes

September 12, 2019


Forum Topic: Eligibility of student candidates running for the office of Student Representative to the FCPS School Board (Moon)


The Board directed Division Counsel, through the Superintendent, to review Section 22.1-86.1 of the Code of Virginia, and advise the Board of any related legal concerns in the process to appoint a student representative. At the same time, the Board will send the existing policy to SAC to see if they agree with the proposal to allow residents of Fairfax City to apply to be Student Representative to the FCPS School Board.  If there are no legal concerns regarding discrimination, and the SAC agrees with the proposal, then the Board Chair will bring the policy back to go through the Board Governance process. 




Forum Topic: School Board oversight and approval of contracts (Evans/Corbett Sanders)



Refer Policy 5011 – Authority to Contract, to the Governance Committee as a high priority. Governance Committee to work with staff to develop recommendations regarding which contracts, based on a manageable and reasonable dollar amount or size, which the Board should be notified of, or should be required to approve.