Forum Topics and Outcomes

September 12, 2019


Forum Topic: Eligibility of student candidates running for the office of Student Representative to the FCPS School Board (Moon)


The Board directed Division Counsel, through the Superintendent, to review Section 22.1-86.1 of the Code of Virginia, and advise the Board of any related legal concerns in the process to appoint a student representative. At the same time, the Board will send the existing policy to SAC to see if they agree with the proposal to allow residents of Fairfax City to apply to be Student Representative to the FCPS School Board.  If there are no legal concerns regarding discrimination, and the SAC agrees with the proposal, then the Board Chair will bring the policy back to go through the Board Governance process. 




Forum Topic: School Board oversight and approval of contracts (Evans/Corbett Sanders)



Refer Policy 5011 – Authority to Contract, to the Governance Committee as a high priority. Governance Committee to work with staff to develop recommendations regarding which contracts, based on a manageable and reasonable dollar amount or size,  the Board should be notified of, or should be required to approve. 



November 7, 2019


Forum Topic: Gun Safety (Corbett Sanders)


Staff will present a draft outline of lesson objectives at a future work session, with the intention of developing a specific curriculum for implementation at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.


Forum Topic: Electric Vehicle RFI (Hynes/Palchik)


The Board directs the Superintendent to investigate, through a Request for Information (RFI), how FCPS could convert its 1,600+ school bus fleet, and all other FCPS vehicles, to electric by 2030.

January 9, 2020



Forum Topic:Addressing Hate and Bias Crimes in Our Curriculum (Corbett Sanders)



FCPS has a robust elective program regarding anti-hate and bias, and the Superintendent will develop plans to expand it, making it part of the core curriculum. The Board will schedule 1-2 work sessions so that Board members can provide feedback on the anti-hate and bias curriculum.


January 23, 2020



Forum Topic: The implementation of a monthly student town hall council at every high school and secondary school as an outlet for students to express concerns and issues. (Omeish/Boateng)


Consensus: The Superintendent will create a panel of experts including high school principals and students, to present at a work session, ways to empower and engage students, and suggest ways to equitably implement across all high schools.


February 6, 2020

Topic No. 1:   To amend the annual audit plan to require the Auditor General to address ongoing concerns about ensuring IEP compliance, inclusion, professional development and reporting affecting the delivery of Special Education services. Request the AG to recommend an appropriate approach to the audit and time table to address these concerns. (Keys-Gamarra and Corbett Sanders)


Consensus: The annual audit plan will be amended to require the Auditor General to address ongoing concerns about ensuring IEP compliance, inclusion, professional development and reporting effecting the delivery of Special Education services.  The Office of the Auditor General will hire an independent consultant with subject matter expertise to complete a comprehensive review of Special Education Services in FCPS.


Topic No. 2: To rename Robert E. Lee High School


Consensus: To begin the process to rename Robert E. Lee High School, in accordance with Policy 8170.6 and Regulation 8170-Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Dedicating Areas of School Facilities or Grounds. 

March 5, 2020

Topic: Exploration of expansion of International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs within elementary schools in FCPS. (Anderson)


Consensus: The Board will schedule a work session for staff to provide an objective presentation to explore expanding IB programs i elementary schools and middle schools, with a broader review of IB in general and how an expansion might be implemented.

June 18, 2020

Topic : To Rename Mosby Woods Elementary School


Consensus: To begin the renaming process for Mosby Woods Elementary School when the process concludes for Robert E. Lee High School. 

June 25, 2020

Topic No. 1:   What steps (with timelines and actionable items) can be taken to immediately (short term and long term) to eliminate racism and implicit bias in FCPS? (Cohen)


Consensus: To direct the Superintendent to create an intentional plan, including an assessment of what has been accomplished so far, with short and long-term goals and measurable timelines to combat racism in the Division and create an anti-racist mindset.