Testing in Grade 7

Grade 7 student tests

In Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), grade 7 tests extend and build on content knowledge and skills. Required tests for seventh graders are listed in the table below, organized alphabetically by test name. 

Grade 7 Required Tests

Test Name Requirement Source Content Tested Purpose of Test Time Needed* Schedule** Results Distribution
Horizon Divisionwide Formative Assessments Division Reading, Mathematics To measure knowledge of course content standards prior to SOL tests Approx. 1 hour per subject Nov. 25 to Dec. 20 Available through student Horizon account and incorporated in ongoing performance communication to parents/guardians
Performance Assessment for Language Students (PALS)


ONLY for students enrolled in a world language program

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening To measure language progress and proficiency Approx. 3 hours total April 15 to June 11 Incorporated in performance communication to parents/guardians as part of final grades
Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests State Reading, Mathematics To measure knowledge of course content standards for state and federal accountability Approx. 2 hours per subject

May 4 to June 5

Distributed to parents/guardians by the following August


ONLY for English learners

Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening To measure annual English language proficiency and progress in compliance with federal law Approx. 5 hours total Jan. 21 to Mar. 12 Distributed to parents/ guardians by the following August

* The amount of time needed for testing varies by student. All times are estimates. 

** Schedule dates represent the window of time during which tests may be given. Each school sets and communicates the specific date for each test.

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