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Request the Superintendent to report to the board the following:

1. Update on energy efficiency in FCPS.

2. An evaluation of the outlook for renewable alternative energy in FCPS facilities - what is on the horizon and how far out. Please include the current RFP in Arlington as an example and potential opportunity for FCPS. Also please list FCPS facilities projects (new construction and/or renovations) in the CIP that include planning for renewable energy.

3. A survey of current renewable use by other school systems in Virginia and comparable school systems nationwide.

4. A report on all renewable/carbon consumption policy goal statements in other school systems in the US. In addition, a report on such goal statements by local governments in Virginia and in the DC metropolitan region.

Target date of report should be determined in the forum as well, with follow-up monitoring by the chair.

5/10/18 Superintendent to provide the report that targets the four key elements identified in the request at a Board work session in the fall. 

Discuss implementing full-time armed presence in all schools - either through additional Fairfax County Police Officers or licensed armed security - and other Safety and Security aspects related to student and employee safety in FCPS school and administrative building.


Direct the Superintendent to have a comprehensive review and discussion regarding the safety and security measures deployed in our schools, what current practices are in place at the elementary, middle and high school levels, what best practices need to be implemented and to have that review with a parallel legal review in closed session, an open work session and a public engagement process.

Transportation, parent engagement, and information shared by the schools as it pertains to children of separated or divorced parents with shared custody.


Superintendent to provide Board with written report in future Brabrand Briefing to include an overview of processes for as many custodial scenarios as possible (joint custody, sole custody, foster parents, grandparents with primary custody, etc.), the current policy and regulation, and any recommendations for improvement.  Following that report, the Board will decide if the matter needs to be discussed in a future work session.

Modification to policy on recess to clarify that withholding of recess isn't to be used as a discipline tool.


Pending revision and staff review of proposed policy language, the item will be placed on a future Board meeting agenda first as new business and then as an action item, with no work session discussion planned.

Status report on the recommendations from the 2014 Internationalization Working Group Report


Topic will be scheduled for a Board Work Session

The impact of mobility on individual student achievement and on school accreditation measures


Topic will be scheduled for a Board Work Session

Requesting presentation of follow-up studies on impact of later high school start times in FCPS.


Schedule topic for a Board Work Session

Changing the School Board Forum Process by Adopting the BOS' Board Matters process


Topic will be discussed in the Governance Committee

Review the existing policy 5011.3-Authority to Contract to consider revising the contract amount requiring Board notification and/or signature; discuss reporting timeline with consideration of increasing the frequency of reports.


The item will be placed on the agenda for a future Board work session, preferably in the fall, once the Superintendent has had a chance to review the issue. 

Review curriculum, training and response regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault


The item will be placed on an agenda for a future Board work session.