General Academy Course Program Information

FCPS Academy Information

FCPS Academy Program

The FCPS Academy Course Program offers professional learning opportunities to educators for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and skills on content aligned with division priorities. Through coursework, participants gain competencies and work toward professional goals and practices that positively impact student achievement. Academy courses are used for professional growth, license renewal, salary scale increases, and meeting Virginia technology standards.

The Academy Course Program supports the comprehensive professional development system serving to develop and retain a premier workforce in FCPS.

FCPS contracts with area colleges and universi­ties to offer college credit courses for instructional employ­ees. As part of these contracts, a registration fee is not charged and most courses provide an official transcript for each participant.

Successful course completion information is entered into the FCPS Academy course training history in MyPLT. Title IIA private school completion is not stored in MyPLT. Private school participants instead receive a verification letter listing their course title, description, completion date and total credit received.

Academy Courses and Credit Information

  • Employees may take one or more contract courses offered in FCPS Academy catalogs. Exceptions: Advanced Academics Online Courses (one course) and North TIER (two courses).
  • Academy credits may be used for licensure renewal, salary-scale increases, and for Vir­ginia Technology Standards.

Classes you may miss and still receive credit*

*At the discretion of the instructor, you may miss:

  • 1 class for a 1-credit course*
  • 2 classes for a 2-credit course*
  • 3 classes for a 3-credit course*

You will be required to make up all work missed.

Registration Information

Register for Academy Courses:

  • Any FCPS full-time or part-time contracted instructional employee eligible for employee benefits may register for FCPS Academy courses. Title IIA private school teachers may also enroll in FCPS Academy courses by contacting the Office of Professional Growth and Career Development at 571-423-1330.
  • University and FCPS Academy credit courses are offered for FCPS contracted instructional staff members.
  • To register for a course, employees must meet prerequisites stated in the course listing. Em­ployees who do not meet the designated pre­requisites will be denied.

MyPLT Registration

  • My PLT requires that users enter their FCPS username and FCPS password when logging in. If you have further technical questions, please contact or 703-503-1600.
  • If you have questions regarding registration please contact, or 571-423-1330.

Confirmation of Enrollment

  • E-mail confirmations are sent through My PLT at the time of registration and indicate if you have been enrolled in the class or placed on the wait list. An e-mail is sent if the class is canceled.
  • If placed on the wait list, do not attend class unless you receive e-mail notification from My PLT that your enrollment has been confirmed.

Special Accommodations

  • Any FCPS employee needing accommodations at FCPS-sponsored activities or programs should call the Office of Equity and Compliance at 571-423-3050. Calls should be made as soon as possible, but no less than 14 business days before the scheduled activity, so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Textbooks and Materials Fees

  • Course registration does not include materials fees or the cost of textbooks.