FCPS General Assembly Bill Routing Subject Categories

2019 Bill Routing

FCPS General Assembly Bill Routing Subject Categories


  • Includes bills related to school construction and procurement, school buses and student transportation, crisis and emergency plans, school safety audits and environmental hazards.

Facilities and Transportation Services (Chief Operating Officer)

Conduct and Discipline

  • Includes bills related to suspension and expulsion, weapons violations, substance abuse, and student behavior.

Hearings Office, Division Counsel, Regional Assistant Superintendents, building principals (Chief Equity Officer)

Finance/Purchasing/Food Services

  • Includes bills related to budget development and the appropriations process, state funding formulas including the Local Composite Index, accounting practices, financial reporting, food services and procurement.  Also includes general information about the state budget.

Financial Services (Chief Operating Officer)

Instruction and Standards of Learning

  • Includes bills related to career and technical education, driver’s education, family life education, early childhood education, reading instruction, character education, adult education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), professional development, and early intervention and remediation programs.

Instructional Services, Special Services, Regional Assistant Superintendents (Deputy Superintendent)

Instructional Technology

  • Includes bills related to hardware and software, internet and internet connectivity, instructional technology, virtual schools, and records management.

Information Technology (Chief Operating Officer)


  • Includes bills related to teacher licensure, substitute teachers, teacher evaluations, grievance and dismissal procedures, contracts and professional development.

Human Resources, Division Counsel (Chief Operating Officer)

Retirement and Insurance

  • Includes bills related to health insurance, unemployment and worker’s compensation and the Virginia Retirement System.

Human Resources, Financial Services, ERFC (Chief Operating Officer)

School Board/Governance

  • Includes bills related to local school board authority, broad education policy, mandates, school calendar, charter and virtual schools, vouchers, and the Freedom of Information Act.

School Board, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Chief Equity Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Division Counsel, Communication and Community Relations

Special Services

  • Includes bills related to special education, the Comprehensive Services Act, alternative education, student registration, bullying, foster care, home instruction, and school health services.  Also includes relevant bills related to higher education.

Special Services (Chief Equity Officer)

Standards of Quality/Standards of Accreditation

  • Includes bills related to instructional programs, staffing standards, class sizes, accreditation, assessment and graduation requirements.

Instructional Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, Regional Assistant Superintendents (Deputy Superintendent, Chief Equity Officer, Chief Operating Officer)

Student Activities and Athletic Programs

  • Includes bills related to student athletics, student activities and after school programs.

Student Activities and Athletic Programs (Chief Equity Officer)

Student Testing

  • Includes bills related to Standards of Learning assessments and other state assessment programs.

Instructional Services, Office of Student Testing, Regional Assistant Superintendents (Deputy Superintendent, Chief Equity Officer)


  • Includes bills related to tax credits, local taxation, local real property tax, sales tax, equalization of city-county taxing authority, and comprehensive tax reform.

School Board, Superintendent, Financial Services (Chief Operating Officer)