🎃 🎄 My First Year Episode 4: The Seasons of Learning

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January 29, 2024

My First Year: Episode 4: The Seasons of Learning

Ms. Vivi is back and ready to celebrate the seasons of learning. Watch how Ms. Vivi keeps the magic of the holidays alive in her classroom. Stay tuned for an insightful look into how Ms. Vivi celebrates the holidays and nurtures a passion for learning among her students.

The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen, and the holiday spirit is in full swing at Shrevewood Elementary School. In Vivi's third grade classroom, the change of seasons hasn't dampened the excitement of learning. As the first quarter came to a close, Vivi's students were buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming holiday festivities. 

"I remember how much I loved holiday activities and crafts when I was a kid," Vivi reminisced about her time as an FCPS student.

On Storybook Character Day, Vivi dressed as Miss Trunchbull from Matilda, while fellow first-year teacher Rachel Krizner went as Matilda herself. Vivi wore a gray sweatsuit and boots, and a ball and chain she made out of construction paper. The teachers weren't the only ones participating in all the fun. The energy was infectious as the entire class also wore their own creative costumes.

“My class was committed; everyone came in with costumes. It was a really fun day.” 

After the inevitable sugar rush from holiday treats, it was time for the students to reflect on gratitude. Vivi has no shortage of kiddo classroom creations from her students to show their gratitude and appreciation for her.

“I save every single thing that I get. I think my table is overflowing now because I have nowhere else to put it.”

As winter break approaches, Vivi is determined to keep the magic alive in her classroom. "One of the most amazing things about being a teacher is that you get to be that person who creates that sparkle for your students."

In Vivi's classroom, the changing seasons may bring cold weather, but they also bring warmth, joy, and a love of learning. No matter the time of year, the best gift is a great teacher.