Cappies Review of Crazy for You at South Lakes High School

By Communication and Community Relations
June 06, 2022

Many FCPS high schools participate in the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Critics and Awards Program for High School Theater, otherwise known as the Cappies. The Cappies is a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers. 

Editor's Note: This review of South Lakes High School's production of Crazy for You, was written by Sean Gillen of Oakton High School.

The grace and grandeur of New York and the tranquil toughness of the American southwest might at first seem like an unexpected combination. Yet, in South Lakes High School's Theatre Department's recent production of Crazy for You, they coalesce in the most brilliant and boisterous of ways.  

First premiering in 1992, Crazy for You was adapted from the 1930 musical Girl Crazy originally written and scored by the duo of George and Ira Gershwin. It tells the story of Bobby Child, the son of a wealthy banker who dreams of leaving behind his rigid, corporate life and indulging in the freedom and fulfillment of the stage.  

Vital to the success of any Gershwin rendition is the cast's prowess as "triple threats" -- acting, singing, and dancing. South Lakes performed with unrelenting fervor, acting with palpable passion, singing with exuberant energy, and dancing vivaciously. The two leads were stellar, with August Rivers bringing youthful enthusiasm and boyish charm to the role of Bobby, and Abigail Jamison balancing strength and sensitivity as the self-assured Polly Baker.   
Just as remarkable were South Lakes's technical department's contributions to the show, notably the towering yet functional set pieces. Lank's motel and the town of Deadrock were impressively orchestrated by Talia Holzman, serving to both establish the various settings and moods throughout the show as well as facilitating swift entrances and exits. 

Perhaps the most impressive and integral aspect of the production was the astonishingly intricate and vivacious choreography created and taught entirely by the cast's own Karina Yakubisin. Dapper, dazzling dance numbers were organized and performed to an admirable degree, capturing the upbeat intensity of the musicals of yesteryear. 

A sparkling, spectacular homage to the signature stylish elegance of Gershwin, South Lakes High School' recent production of Crazy for You is an astounding achievement, electrifyingly exquisite.