School Counseling Services

The belief that all students can achieve academic success is a touchstone of the School Counseling Services program.

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FCPS K-12 school counseling programs strive to empower students to become independent and productive individuals through a developmentally age-appropriate program providing academic, social, emotional, and college and career counseling services. The belief that all students can achieve academic success is a touchstone of the program.

All students in FCPS have the opportunity to work with a state-certified school counselor. School counselors work with students in a variety of different capacities, whether it is through classroom lessons, group, or individual counseling.

College and Career Specialists

Each FCPS high school also has a College and Career Specialist on staff. These professionals work closely with school counselors to provide additional support to students in the areas of career exploration and employment. They also support the work of the school counselors, assisting with postsecondary educational planning to include career, technical, and military options, as well as the two- and four-year college application process, admission testing, financial aid, and scholarship options.

Supporting the Whole Child

School counselors help students grow personally and socially in:

  • Developing self-knowledge.
  • Making effective decisions.
  • Developing relationship skills.
  • Making healthy choices.
  • Resolving conflicts.

School counselors assist students in educational planning by:

  • Setting, reflecting, and reaching goals.
  • Developing a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Understanding individual learning styles.
  • Developing an educational plan.
  • Providing academic advising.
  • Improving study and test-taking skills.
  • Recognizing and utilizing academic strengths.

School counselors help students become college and career ready by:

  • Exploring college and career opportunities.
  • Developing skills in college and career decision-making.
  • Analyzing the interrelationships of interests and abilities.
  • Understanding college and career readiness.
  • Using college and career planning tools to determine postsecondary options.

Services Provided

Individual Student Planning

School counselors work with K-12 students to identify short- and long-term academic, personal-social, and college and career goals. Utilizing these goals, counselors help students and families identify current and future courses of study, possible barriers to success, and solutions. In this way, school counselors and students are able to plan for goal-attainment while also reinforcing problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Responsive Services

School counselors are able to provide assistance to students and schools in moments of need through individual and group or classroom lessons. By building relationships with students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, counselors are quickly able to respond to one child or an entire school with resources and support.


The school counselor is available to parents, teachers, and other educational professionals to discuss student concerns and develop proactive plans for student achievement. School counselors are knowledgeable about the educational process;.child and adolescent development; and local, state, and national resources. Through this collaboration and their awareness of the "whole" child, school counselors are able to build bridges to academic success.

School Counseling Services Naviance Student

Naviance Student is an electronic college and career planning tool available to FCPS students, grades 7-12 and their families through FCPS 24-7.


School Counseling Services supports schools by providing professional development opportunities and resources for school counseling professionals. Districtwide programs for students and parents include College Fair and College Night, Gap Year Fair, and Financial Aid workshops.

Benefits of School Counseling Services

Our counseling services benefit students, parents, teachers and more .