Dr. Lawrence Bussey Memorial Equity Award

Recognizing advocacy on behalf of students who are marginalized or underserved

Fairfax County Public Schools’ Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC) is seeking nominations for the annual Dr. Lawrence Bussey Memorial Equity Award.

This award honors the legacy of Dr. Bussey by celebrating the efforts and impact of those who work to redress inequitable systems and practices in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

Dr. Lawrence Bussey was a founding member of the FCPS Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC).  In his professional career, he worked as a teacher, administrator, and senior member of the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.  After retiring from the Federal Government, Dr. Bussey became an educational consultant and served as an integral member of the MSAOC for nearly 30 years until his passing in 2022.

Dr. Larry Bussey


Staff or community member(s) who have demonstrated significant and impactful efforts to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of students from groups who are marginalized or underserved.


An individual or group who has demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • Recognizes and advocates for the reduction of disparities in educational experiences.
  • Raises the awareness of disproportionality in outcomes and/or achievement.
  • Creates systems, programs, or environments that improve educational experiences and/or outcomes specifically for a group or groups who have been marginalized, underserved, or harmed.
  • Improves policy or practice to remove barriers for groups of students who have been historically underserved.
  • Promotes the understanding of and response to the root causes of educational outcomes and experience disparities rather than addressing only the symptoms of these disparities.
  • Demonstrates prioritization of the interests and needs of the students and families whose interests and needs historically have not been prioritized.
  • Communicates a commitment to equity with conviction even in response to opposition from those who are well served by the status quo.
  • Demonstrates sustained commitment to transforming the educational system through partnership and collaboration.

Nomination Process

Any FCPS employee, student, or community member can nominate an individual or group for the award.

Nominations for the 2024 award are closed.

The nomination package consists of:

  • Nomination Information Form
  • Nominator Statement (maximum 500 words)
  • Two Statements of Support (maximum 500 words each)

Step 1 - Nomination Information

To nominate an individual or team for this award please complete the Dr. Lawrence Bussey Memorial Equity Award Nomination Information Form.

Step 2 - Statements of Support

Once you have submitted this initial information, you will receive an email with the Nomination statement forms and instructions.

Nomination statements were due by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Selection Process

A committee will review all the nominations submitted by the deadline and select the recipient based on the award criteria.


Award recipients and their nominator will be notified via email in early June.

Recipients will receive the award in person at the annual Equity Symposium. This year's symposium is on June 18, 2024.