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The mission of FCPS’ chief academic and equity officer is to oversee and guide the growth of over 188,000 students across 196 schools and centers with a focus on raising student achievement, eliminating achievement gaps, and supporting equitable opportunities for all students. The chief academic and equity officer coordinates the development of curriculum and implements innovative efforts across both instructional services and special services. This office also works to implement and report student testing divisionwide and provide professional learning opportunities for staff. The chief academic and equity officer is responsible for the supervision of the following departments and offices:

  • The Instructional Services Department (ISD) drives student achievement by leading and guiding teaching and learning across the division. The Instructional Services Department uses current research-based best practices to guide instruction that is customized so that all students can reach their full potential and be successful, productive citizens after graduation.
  • The Department of Special Services provides a planned program of instructional, psychological, social, and related services to help schools meet the unique needs of identified students and their families. The department provides a network of support to staff members, students, and families that eliminate obstacles, facilitates instruction, and enables students to succeed as individuals within the learning environment. Through instructional leadership, curriculum development, program evaluation, professional development, and support for alternative, special education, and student services programs, the department ensures that all program areas in schools are fully supported and able to comply with fiscal, legal, and personnel requirements.
  • The Office of Student Testing coordinates the division’s preparation, administration, interpretation, and communication of student assessments. The office ensures full compliance with federal, state, and local testing expectations while striving to cultivate positive and purposeful assessment experiences for Fairfax County students, parents, teachers, and school leaders.
  • The Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement leads and provides dynamic professional development and family learning experiences that cultivate a community of learners where families, staff, and stakeholders partner to ensure students are inspired, engaged, and thriving.
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions Office is responsible for administering an objective, equitable admissions process to the school, supporting its goal to serve a diverse student population demonstrating excellence and passion for science, technology, engineering, and math.