2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader, Finalists, and School Recipients

The outstanding school-Based leader, finalists, and school recipients for 2022

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader 

bianca aielloBianca Aiello
Director, Student Services
Poe Middle School, Region 2

Bianca Aiello’s guiding principle is "if you lead with your heart, you will never be wrong." She is a compassionate leader, driven by the philosophy that "all means all;" as it applies to the students, families, staff, and community of Poe Middle School. Bianca implements this philosophy by fostering strong relationships within the Annandale Pyramid, focusing on student success in academics, behavior, and wellness. She ensures that families have equitable access to the information that is crucial to their student’s success. Bianca’s work ethic and personal demeanor have helped her school build a caring culture, earned through the respect and trust she demonstrates to all stakeholders. Because Bianca leads with her heart, she always finds joy in her work.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader Finalist

francoise-casablancaFrançoise L. Casablanca
Assistant Principal
Groveton Elementary School, Region 3

Françoise is a passionate leader who cares deeply about students and their families. With her resolute focus on building relationships, family engagement, and high-quality instruction Fran believes we can ensure ALL students are provided access and opportunities to be successful. Fran developed the first elementary school-based family resource fair by partnering with staff and community organizations to connect families to health screenings, school supplies and after school programs in the community. Françoise is very proud to work with such a diverse community and is honored to represent Latino women leaders in education. She is committed to continuously fostering a caring culture of acceptance, integration, respect, and empowerment in her school community.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader Finalist

alison cardoAlison Cordo
Assistant Administrator
Interagency Alternative Schools, Non-Region

Alison truly embodies the mantra that “all students are capable of success, no exceptions.” Alison is passionate about creating equitable opportunities for success for all students while serving in various leadership roles within the Interagency Alternative Schools in Fairfax County. Alison is a humble and authentic leader who is driven by her passion to redefine “what’s possible.” By creating and valuing a relationship with every student, teacher, and school community member, she continues to co-create ways for students to thrive throughout their high school experience and beyond. As a teacher, assessment coach, department chair, mentor, and assistant administrator, Alison creates a sense of trust and approachability making her an ideal educational leader for sustainable positive change.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader Finalist

melanie porterMelanie N. Porter
Assistant Principal
Frost Middle School, Region 5

“Clear is kind” is what guides the way Melanie leads, learns, and lives. Emphasizing clarity and shared purpose, she has earned the respect, admiration, and support of the Frost community. She’s an advocate for equity and inclusion with her impact reaching far beyond the walls of her school. She overhauled Frost’s PBIS framework, developed a comprehensive literacy intervention and progress monitoring action plan, and facilitated a shift in mindset and instructional practice toward concept-based learning within the school’s ELA department. On any given morning you might find Melanie greeting students with upbeat music and a huge smile or having a dance party and “dad joke” competition during lunch supervision in order to infuse fun and positive energy into everyone’s day.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader Finalist

jen redfordJennifer Redford
Assistant Principal
Sangster Elementary School, Region 4

Driven by a deeply-rooted passion for her community and her innate ability to foster connections that support and elevate all stakeholders, Jennifer doesn’t just lead - she partners. Her passion for enhancing students’ creative and critical thinking skills inspired her to found the beloved Sangster Musical Theater program and develop Sangster’s purposeful STEAM curriculum. Jennifer spearheads family engagement events like Math Night to generate excitement for learning and strengthen home-school partnerships. If you look closely, you might also recognize her positive energy and contagious school spirit behind the falcon mascot during Friday’s dance party dismissal. As a Sangster teacher beautifully encapsulated, “Jennifer is the gold standard of what a school community needs, would want, and could hope for in a leader.”

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader Finalist

kimberly seckKimberly Seck
Assistant Principal
Dogwood Elementary School, Region 1

Kim is a compassionate leader who is known to bring sunshine to her school family and community. She can often be found interacting with students, families, and staff helping them be ready to be the best they can be. In her time at Dogwood, she has worked to improve student attendance, created a vibrant summer program, and encouraged teachers to take leadership roles in the school. She believes deeply in her coaching background as she leads with curiosity, kindness, and determination to help ALL students succeed. Kim often sees what's possible and works hard to remove barriers, create opportunities for access for those often underserved, and brings love to all she interacts with every day.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Leader School Recipients

  • Annandale High School
    • Erik Healey, Director, Student Services
  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Elizabeth Convey, Assistant Principal 
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
    • Elaine Woo, Assistant Principal*
  • Burke School
    • Thomas Sweet, Assistant Principal 
  • Centreville Elementary School
    • Rachel Forte, Assistant Principal
  • Chantilly High School
    • Scott Settar, Administrator, High School Academy*
  • Chesterbrook Elementary School
    • Farris Thomas, Assistant Principal
  • Clearview Elementary School
    • Joshua Redford, Assistant Principal 
  • Colin Powell Elementary School
    • Kelly Baugh, Assistant Principal*
  • Columbia Elementary School
    • Rekha Patel, Assistant Principal
  • Crossfield Elementary School
    • Barbara Fant, Assistant Principal
  • Cunningham Park Elementary School
    • Jon Kemmerer, Assistant Principal
  • Daniels Run Elementary School
    • Michael Parker, Assistant Principal 
  • Dogwood Elementary School
    • Kimberly Seck, Assistant Principal*
  • Dranesville Elementary School
    • Allison Hoak, Assistant Principal
  • Eagle View Elementary School
    • Eva Beth Levy, Assistant Principal
  • Fairfax County Adult High School
    • Chrissy Spaulding, Director, Student Services 
  • Fairfax High School
    • Kevin Greata, Assistant Principal
  • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
    • Shelia Sobeski, Assistant Principal
  • Fairview Elementary School
    • Meghan Ehrman, Assistant Principal 
  • Falls Church High School
    • Kristi Layman, Assistant Principal*
  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
    • Jen Fallert, Assistant Principal
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School
    • Katie Pluntke, Assistant Principal 
  • Franconia Elementary School
    • Leeanne Pinski, Assistant Principal*
  • Frost Middle School
    • Melanie N. Porter, Assistant Principal*
  • Glasgow Middle School
    • Steven McFarlane, Assistant Principal*
  • Greenbriar West Elementary School
    • Jordan Cook, Assistant Principal
  • Groveton Elementary School
    • Françoise Casablanca, Assistant Principal*
  • Halley Elementary School
    • Paula Johnson, Assistant Principal*
  • Haycock Elementary School
    • Dana Chen, Assistant Principal*
  • Hayfield Secondary School
    • Cheryl Ritchie, Assistant Principal*
  • Herndon Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Baxter, Assistant Principal*
  • Herndon High School
    • Phil Cronin, Assistant Principal
  • Holmes Middle School
    • Justin Simmons, Assistant Principal
  • Hughes Middle School
    • Amy Smith, Assistant Principal
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Sean McCartney, Assistant Principal
  • Hutchison Elementary School
    • Jackie Wilson, Assistant Principal
  • Interagency Alternative Schools
    • Alison Cordo, Assistant Administrator, IAS*
  • Irving Middle School
    • Shawn Spear, Assistant Principal
  • Justice High School
    • Colleen Lally, Assistant Principal
  • Katherine Johnson Middle School
    • Heather Bousman-Stanczak, Assistant Principal*
  • Key Middle School
    • Danielle Tillman, Assistant Principal
  • Kilmer Center
    • Haley Guglielmi, Assistant Principal
  • Kilmer Middle School
    • Christopher C. Musgnug, Assistant Principal
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • Scott Darwin, Assistant Principal
  • Langley High School
    • Braden Peterson, Director, Student Services*
  • Lemon Road Elementary School
    • Morgan Birge, Assistant Principal
  • Lewis High School
    • Kimberly Harrison, Assistant Principal*
  • Little Run Elementary School
    • Colleen Vaughan, Assistant Principal
  • Louise Archer Elementary School
    • Jennifer Condra, Assistant Principal*
  • Lynbrook Elementary School
    • Danielle Cimino, Assistant Principal
  • Marshall High School
    • Danielle Schoolcraft, Assistant Principal
  • McLean High School
    • Sean Rolon, Assistant Principal
  • North Springfield Elementary School
    • Leslie Malkowski, Assistant Principal
  • Oakton Elementary School
    • Keith Eck, Assistant Principal*
  • Oakton High School
    • Mary Landis, Assistant Principal
  • Olde Creek Elementary School
    • Alison Butler, Assistant Principal
  • Poe Middle School
    • Bianca Aiello, Director, Student Services*
  • Riverside Elementary School
    • Gina O'Neal, Assistant Principal*
  • Robinson Secondary School
    • Daniel Clements, Assistant Principal
  • Rocky Run Middle School
    • Christine Sciabica, Assistant Principal
  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
    • Veronica Del Bagno, Assistant Principal
  • Rose Hill Elementary School
    • Mike Staroscik, Assistant Principal
  • Sandburg Middle School
    • Desmond Dawkins, Assistant Principal
  • Sangster Elementary School
    • Jennifer Redford, Assistant Principal*
  • Saratoga Elementary School
    • Abigail Ragan, Assistant Principal
  • Silverbrook Elementary School
    • Travis Thomason, Assistant Principal
  • South County High School
    • Samantha Tolan, Assistant Principal
  • South County Middle School
    • Miranda Hendershot, Assistant Principal
  • Springfield Estates Elementary School
    • April Martin, Assistant Principal
  • Stenwood Elementary School
    • Meredith Mitchell, Assistant Principal*
  • Terraset Elementary School
    • David Ickowski, Assistant Principal
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
    • Volita Russell, Assistant Principal*
  • Timber Lane Elementary School
    • Shele Banford, Assistant Principal
  • Twain Middle School
    • Melissa Montgomery, Assistant Principal 
  • Union Mill Elementary School
    • Ashleigh Long, Assistant Principal
  • West Potomac High School
    • Ivan Johnson, Assistant Principal
  • West Springfield Elementary School
    • Patty Hibner, Assistant Principal
  • West Springfield High School
    • Betsy Fawsett, Assistant Principal*
  • Westbriar Elementary School
    • Chris Butzer, Assistant Principal
  • Westlawn Elementary School
    • Stephanie Carpenter, Assistant Principal
  • Weyanoke Elementary School
    • Michelle Doyle, Assistant Principal
  • Whitman Middle School
    • Danielle Villanueva, Assistant Principal

*Denotes pyramid winner

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