2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher, Finalists, and School Recipients

The outstanding secondary teachers recognized for 2022

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher 

kathleen jacobyKathleen Jacoby
Band Director
Herndon High School, Region 1

Kathleen Jacoby is an inclusive leader who has taught high school band for the past 18 years. She teaches and mentors students of widely different cultures, backgrounds, and income levels making her program accessible and inviting to all students and families. Her students succeed in every measure, from AP Scores to All-State Band participation, from participating in overseas trips to simply keeping students for years as part of a program bigger than themselves. In addition to demonstrating excellence in Fairfax County, Ms. Jacoby is a leader in the Virginia music community. Her varied leadership roles, conference presentations, and educational projects have created formal structures to empower, uplift, and mentor students and educators from across the Commonwealth.

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher Finalist

janet bartlingJanet L. Bartling
English Teacher
Rocky Run Middle School, Region 5

"Mrs. Bartling has brought English class alive for my daughter this year,” wrote a parent. Janet Bartling’s passion for teaching began in an FCPS fourth grade classroom where Mr. Paul Tessier made her feel welcome with his energy and enthusiasm. Janet takes pride in creating a similar caring culture. She meets students where they are, provides tools for them to take academic risks, and gives credence to student voice. Janet uses literature as a vehicle for students to make connections and grow in understanding, empathy, and inspiration. Coming full circle, several of her students have pursued careers in education, directly mentioning how Janet believed in them, encouraged them, and taught them that it's okay to struggle to reach your goals.

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher Finalist

matthew hanlonMatthew Hanlon
French Language Teacher
Marshall High School, Region 2

When students walk into Matthew’s classroom, they discover that it is bigger on the inside and are transported outside the four walls that surround them. He builds relationships in a culturally responsive environment that are the foundation for students to express their authentic identity and connect their learning to the real world with empathy. For Matthew, both learning and teaching are about the practice of freedom, taking risks and making it work. Whether learning language, literature, history, or philosophy, students are challenged to engage in inquiry, criticality, creativity, metacognition and self-regulation, and grow as both learners and humans. Classes cultivate the genius inherent in students and celebrate the joy of learning. Matthew looks forward to continuous growth as a teacher.

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher Finalist

margaret millerMargaret S. Miller
Multiple Disabilities Teacher
Robinson Secondary School, Region 4

Starting as an elementary teacher and then transitioning into the high school setting at Robinson Secondary School, Peggi Miller’s strength lies in building relationships with her students. Many are in contact with her far beyond graduation from Fairfax County Public Schools. She takes the time to get to know each student individually, and creates a feeling of family and community within her classes. She sets high expectations, encourages students to try new things, and to think about all points of view before making big decisions. She incorporates life skills into her lessons so her students go into the world with a full toolbox. Every student should have a Mrs. Miller.

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher Finalist

shiho thompsonShiho Thompson
ESOL Teacher
Key Middle School, Region 3

In her 15 years as an ESOL teacher, Shiho has been a dedicated advocate for her students. She is committed to providing an equitable and supportive environment for English learners throughout the school. Through her thoughtful lessons, Shiho strives to help her students develop and make sense of their own identities in the context of history and real-world events. She welcomes the challenge of planning and delivering engaging lessons that are appropriately scaffolded, yet authentic and rigorous. Beyond the classroom, Shiho loves collaborating with her colleagues, counselor, parent liaison, and administrators to strengthen student and family engagement. As one colleague noted, “Her unique style gives students a sense of belonging while ensuring high standards in both curriculum and expectations.”

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher Finalist

kimberly wattsKimberly H. Watts
Alternative School Teacher
Bryant High School AIM, Non-Region 

“I see you. I hear you. You matter. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere- even when you fall. I will be your advocate… I will walk with you.” This is Kim Watts. She unites families, students, and staff through home visits, texts, huddles, and collaborative decision-making. She designs personalized instruction and assessments for rigorous and relevant learning. She launches Student and Staff Huddles- recognizing that all people are most productive in a trusted and open environment. She works collaboratively with community partners to connect students with mentors because she believes in setting a positive example. She works diligently to design innovative instruction. Kim Watts creates out of need, personalization, love, and unwavering energy and connection.

2022 Outstanding Secondary Teacher School Recipients

  • Annandale High School
    • Tricia Kapuscinski, ESOL Teacher
  • Bryant High School
    • Alaise Rudder, ESOL Teacher
  • Bryant HS AIM
    • Kimberly H. Watts, Alternative School Teacher*
  • Burke School
    • Jessica Moberly, Emotional Disabilities Teacher
  • Carson Middle School
    • Calandra Couch, Art Teacher
  • Centreville High School
    • Sharon Oliveros, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
  • Chantilly High School
    • Michele Gates, Biology Teacher
  • Cooper Middle School
    • Nadene Wright, Art Teacher
  • Davis Career Center
    • Trevor Baker, Career and Transition Teacher
  • Edison High School
    • Lisa Hamilton, History & Social Studies Teacher
  • Falls Church High School
    • Andrew Lisowski, Orchestra Director*
  • Fairfax County Adult High School
    • Mary Mikulski, Resource Teacher
  • Fairfax High School
    • David Greene, English Teacher*
  • Franklin Middle School
    • Jeannine Domedion, Mathematics Teacher
  • Frost Middle School
    • Danielle Powers, Head Librarian
  • Glasgow Middle School
    • Patricia Cotter, Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Hayfield Secondary School
    • Sierra Fitzgerald, English Teacher*
  • Herndon High School
    • Kathleen Jacoby, Band Director*
  • Herndon Middle School
    • Tammy Wong, Mathematics Teacher
  • Holmes Middle School
    • Elizabeth Murphy, Speech & Drama Teacher*
  • Hughes Middle School
    • Dwayne Braxton, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Interagency Alternative Schools
    • Kelcy Pierre, Alternative School Teacher
  • Irving Middle School
    • Valerie McLean, Mathematics Teacher*
  • Justice High School
    • Julie Reiter, English Teacher*
  • Katherine Johnson Middle School
    • Abhilasha Tripathi, ESOL Teacher
  • Key Center
    • Elizabeth Ganley, Severe Disabilities Teacher
  • Key Middle School
    • Shiho Thompson, ESOL Teacher*
  • Kilmer Center
    • Natascha Jordan White, Art Therapy Teacher
  • Kilmer Middle School
    • Kevin D. Sapp, Choir Director
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • Dana Calamito, Mathematics Teacher*
  • Langley High School
    • Jennifer Stocks, Spanish Language Teacher*
  • Lewis High School
    • Hanna Yun, ESOL Teacher
  • Longfellow Middle School
    • Rasha Hashem, ESOL Teacher 
  • Luther Jackson Middle School
    • Shachi Risbud, General Science Teacher
  • Madison High School
    • Taylor Bartram, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
  • Marshall High School
    • Matthew Hanlon, French Language Teacher*
  • McLean High School
    • Steven Walker, Mathematics Teacher*
  • Montrose Alternative Learning Center
    • Sheldon Lucas, Alternative Education Science Teacher
  • Mount Vernon High School
    • Amanda Riemenschneider, English Teacher*
  • Oakton High School
    • Eugene Farrell, Mathematics Teacher*
  • Poe Middle School
    • Sarah Houseman, Spanish Language Teacher
  • Pulley Career Center
    • Barbara Henrie, Career and Transition Teacher
  • Quander Road School
    • Kathy Spar, Librarian
  • Robinson Secondary School
    • Amy Hard, Speech & Drama Teacher, MS
    • Margaret Miller, Multiple Disabilities Teacher, HS*
  • Rocky Run Middle School
    • Janet Bartling, English Teacher*
  • Sandburg Middle School
    • Terri White, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • South County High School
    • Samantha Ballard, English Teacher*
  • South County Middle School
    • Carolyn Rupert, Mathematics Teacher
  • South Lakes High School
    • Lisa M. Girdy, Dance Teacher*
  • Stone Middle School
    • Terry Gregory, Emotional Disabilities Teacher*
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
    • Kai Sam Ng, Mathematics Teacher*
  • Thoreau Middle School
    • Michelle Gabro, English Teacher
  • Twain Middle School
    • Jennifer Holder, Biology Teacher*
  • West Potomac High School
    • Brad Smith, History & Social Studies Teacher*
  • West Springfield High School
    • Emily Halstead, Spanish Language Teacher
  • Westfield High School
    • Doug Ewell, Health & Physical Education Teacher
  • Whitman Middle School
    • George Washington, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Woodson High School
    • Susie Hamrock, Health and Physical Education Teacher*

*Denotes pyramid winner

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