2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalists and School Recipients

The Outstanding Elementary School New Teachers Recognized For 2023

The Outstanding Elementary New Teacher Award recognizes elementary school teachers who are within their first three years of teaching and demonstrate outstanding performance and superior instructional skills. Any FCPS employee or community member may nominate new teachers for this award.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher

elogien aliElogien I. Ali

Sixth Grade Teacher
Saratoga Elementary School, Region 3

From the first day of school, Elogien begins a relationship with each student. As a community, they come up with expectations together, so each student is held accountable to these expectations the entire year. Elogien has high expectations for each of her students, giving them the tools and skills needed to succeed in sixth grade and transition into middle school. She offers students autonomy through student-led conferences and goal setting. Elogien provides an inclusive environment that welcomes and celebrates each student. She makes it a goal that everyone sees themselves in her classroom. Elogien has a passion for family engagement and is a founder of the Family Ambassadors Program at Saratoga that is working to create a Family Resource Center.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

Julia EneboeJulia Eneboe

Learning Disabilities Teacher
Olde Creek Elementary School, Region 5

Some of Julia's most cherished moments are watching her students reach their goals. She gets excited to share progress with families and fosters those relationships throughout the year. One family shared, "My son had the privilege of having Ms. Eneboe early in his school career as she instilled a love for learning… and helped him to develop the building blocks of self-esteem and positivity." Julia goes above and beyond for her students by developing the tools they need to grow. She collaborates with all grade-level teams to ensure her instruction targets her students' specific needs. Each day, she has a positive mindset and strong work ethic that stems from her passion for working with students with disabilities.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist  

Matt D. HarrisMatt D. Harris

Second Grade Teacher
Herndon Elementary School, Region 1

Known affectionately throughout the school as "Mr. H.," Matt treats each day as a new opportunity to teach, impact, and care for the next generation of world changers. He works diligently to ensure that all students learn in a culturally responsive environment, where they are encouraged to take risks, challenged to go beyond, and supported at every step. He is known throughout his school for his gentleness, patience, and love for the Herndon Elementary community. Matt puts his students' emotional well-being first and extends this same care to students' families. His sole mission is to educate the whole person - academically and socially - and this is evident in all his students.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

Ashley Elizabeth SchweizerAshley Elizabeth Schweizer

Multiple Disabilities Teacher
North Springfield Elementary School, Region 2

Ashley bases her teaching philosophy on the ideals of inclusion and acceptance for all students. As a special education teacher, Ashley fosters a welcoming environment by extending compassion and kindness to all. She strives for success for her students and demonstrates this desire to support them through her nurturing spirit. Ashley works alongside her colleagues to create lesson plans and hands-on instructional assignments that cater to the needs of all students. Within the school community, Ashley has a radiating presence and has shown her inclination to make an impact on students by involving herself in many school activities. As a first-year educator, Ashley emits confidence into every classroom, encouraging and inspiring students to make their learning impactful.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

Mary Grace VinalMary Grace Vinal

Multiple Disabilities Teacher
Laurel Ridge Elementary School, Region 4

Mary Grace teaches a multi-grade Enhanced Autism Classroom. Mary Grace goes above and beyond to support the needs of her students and advocate for them. As a second-year teacher, she has given a voice to students with disabilities who are often unheard. Her favorite part of the job is collaborating with families, private providers, and FCPS team members to meet the unique communication, behavioral, and academic needs of her students. Mary Grace has chosen to be a special education teacher because she believes deeply in the potential of her students. She does not see limits in students because of their disabilities and is deeply invested in their success.

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2023 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher - School Recipients

  • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
      • Jamiah Harrison - Music Teacher
    • Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences
      • Alana M. Jemison - Second Grade Teacher
    • Bailey's Upper Elementary School
      • Gabriela Muriente - Third Grade Teacher
    • Beech Tree Elementary School
      • Abigail Parsons - Multiple Disabilities Teacher *
    • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
      • Patrick Osborne - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Braddock Elementary School
      • Nicole Bellucci - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Bucknell Elementary School
      • Gabrielle Stevenson - Kindergarten Teacher
    • Bull Run Elementary School
      • Ben Vest - Sixth Grade Teacher
    • Bush Hill Elementary School
        • Hannah Franks - Third Grade Teacher
      • Camelot Elementary School
        • Ashley Carrico - Sixth Grade Teacher
      • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
        • Mabry Lewis - Sixth Grade Teacher
      • Cardinal Forest Elementary School
        • Kellie Steiger - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
      • Centre Ridge Elementary School
        • Cassidy Dennis - Fourth Grade Teacher
      • Centreville Elementary School
        • Monica Davids - Kindergarten Teacher *
      • Chesterbrook Elementary School
          • Kendall Bryant - ESOL Teacher
        • Churchill Road Elementary School
          • Catherine Skehan - Fifth Grade Teacher
        • Clearview Elementary School
          • Carolyn Hagn - Sixth Grade Teacher
        • Clermont Elementary School
          • Hannah Lee - First Grade Teacher
        • Columbia Elementary School
          • Tessa Martin - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
        • Cub Run Elementary School
          • Ilham Azim - First Grade Teacher
        • Dogwood Elementary School
          • Cecilia Yanes Trejo - First Grade Teacher
        • Dranesville Elementary School
          • Natali Hernandez Otero - Learning Disabilities Teacher
        • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
            • Morgan Crain - Intellectual Disabilities Teacher
          • Fairhill Elementary School
            • Sarah Tekle - Third Grade Teacher
          • Flint Hill Elementary School
              • Nicki Jawadian - Fourth Grade Teacher *
            • Floris Elementary School
              • Amanda Mullen - Second Grade Teacher *
            • Forest Edge Elementary School
              • Katherine Verdaguer - Kindergarten Teacher
            • Forestdale Elementary School
              • Kima Austrie - Sixth Grade Teacher
            • Fort Belvoir Primary School
              • Abigail Curry - Second Grade Teacher
            • Fort Belvoir Upper Elementary School
              • Mariem Bemmerzouk - Third Grade Teacher
            • Fort Hunt Elementary School
              • Lautaro Otero - Physical Education Teacher
            • Franconia Elementary School
              • Ashley Chicarella - Learning Disabilities Teacher *
            • Franklin Sherman Elementary School
                • Marie Fletcher - Learning Disabilities Teacher *
                • Graham Road Elementary School
                  • Julie Kercher - Third Grade Teacher
                  • Greenbriar East Elementary School
                    • Phuong Nguyen - Fourth Grade Teacher
                  • Groveton Elementary School
                    • Tasha Locke - Fourth Grade Teacher
                  • Halley Elementary School
                    • Maddy Jacobs - Fifth Grade Teacher *
                  • Haycock Elementary School
                    • Amber Dominick - First Grade Teacher
                  • Herndon Elementary School
                    • Matthew Harris - Second Grade Teacher *
                    • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
                        • Ethan Beck - Third Grade Teacher *
                      • Island Creek Elementary School
                          • Erin Edwards - Kindergarten Teacher
                        • Keene Mill Elementary School
                            • Rebecca Voyack - Fifth Grade Teacher *
                          • Kent Gardens Elementary School
                            • Sarah Kladler - Art Teacher
                            • Kings Glen Elementary School
                              • Raymond Mason - Music Teacher
                              • Lane Elementary School
                                  • Ashley Brusick - Second Grade Teacher
                                • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
                                  • Mary Grace Vinal - Multiple Disabilities Teacher *
                                • Lemon Road Elementary School
                                  • Morgan Deal - Learning Disabilities Teacher *
                                • Little Run Elementary School
                                    • Lea Hodges - Kindergarten Teacher
                                  • Lorton Station Elementary School
                                      • Joseph Silva-Curry - Multiple Disabilities Teacher *
                                    • Lynbrook Elementary School
                                        • Kelly Turner - Fourth Grade Teacher
                                      • Mantua Elementary School
                                          • Olivia Kang - Kindergarten Teacher
                                        • Marshall Road Elementary School
                                            • Paige Rucks - Kindergarten Teacher
                                          • Mosaic Elementary School
                                              • Betsy Piermatteo - Third Grade Teacher
                                            • Navy Elementary School
                                                • Katherine Trimble - First Grade Teacher
                                              • North Springfield Elementary School
                                                • Ashley Schweizer - Multiple Disabilities Teacher *
                                              • Oak Hill Elementary School
                                                • Samantha Lowe - Fifth Grade Teacher
                                              • Oak View Elementary School
                                                • Katherine Roth - Second Grade Teacher
                                              • Oakton Elementary School
                                                • Shayla Fornal - Third Grade Teacher *
                                              • Olde Creek Elementary School
                                                  • Julia Eneboe - Learning Disabilities Teacher *
                                                • Orange Hunt Elementary School
                                                  • Cassidy Cantrell - Second Grade Teacher
                                                • Parklawn Elementary School
                                                  • Kaitlyn Falco - Kindergarten Teacher
                                                • Pine Spring Elementary School
                                                  • Mia Wallace - ESOL Teacher *
                                                • Poplar Tree Elementary School
                                                    • Jordan Perlish - Third Grade Teacher *
                                                  • Providence Elementary School
                                                    • Jessica Lamke - Fourth Grade Teacher
                                                  • Ravensworth Elementary School
                                                    • Olivia Metheny - Third Grade Teacher
                                                  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
                                                      • Melinda Ward - Strings Teacher
                                                    • Sangster Elementary School
                                                        • Kendall Nicely - Gifted Education Center Teacher
                                                      • Saratoga Elementary School
                                                        • Elogien Ali - Sixth Grade Teacher *
                                                      • Shrevewood Elementary School
                                                        • Cristin George - Second Grade Teacher
                                                      • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
                                                        • Anila Butt - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                      • Spring Hill Elementary School
                                                          • Katie Patel - First Grade Teacher *
                                                        • Springfield Estates Elementary School
                                                          • Micaela Malachowski - Fourth Grade Teacher
                                                        • Stratford Landing Elementary School
                                                            • Skylar Popiel - Fifth Grade Teacher
                                                          • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
                                                            • Anna Zogby - Fifth Grade Teacher
                                                          • Terra Centre Elementary School
                                                            • Brooke Allan - Kindergarten Teacher
                                                          • Terraset Elementary School
                                                            • S. Matthew Krysztopik - Music Teacher
                                                              • Timber Lane Elementary School
                                                                • Elizabeth McClaugherty - Third Grade Teacher
                                                              • Union Mill Elementary School
                                                                  • Maree Klonaris - Learning Disabilities Teacher
                                                                • Waples Mill Elementary School
                                                                  • Christina Birtles - Third Grade Teacher
                                                                • Waynewood Elementary School
                                                                  • Alexa White - Kindergarten Teacher *
                                                                • West Springfield Elementary School
                                                                    • Maggie Murphy - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                                      • Westgate Elementary School
                                                                        • Ashley Hughlett - Learning Disabilities Teacher
                                                                      • Westlawn Elementary School
                                                                        • Kirsten Henderson - First Grade Teacher
                                                                      • Weyanoke Elementary School
                                                                        • Samantha Blandino - Third Grade Teacher
                                                                      • White Oaks Elementary School
                                                                        • Melanie Firestone - Fifth Grade Teacher
                                                                      • Willow Springs Elementary School
                                                                        • Philip Reid - Learning Disabilities Teacher *

                                                                        *Denotes pyramid winner

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