Facilities and Membership Dashboards

Everything you need to know about school capacity and utilization.

Facilities and Membership Dashboards SY 2019-20

Students walking into school facilityThe following dashboards have been prepared to display information about student membership and the use of school facilities at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). The dashboards contain a series of interactive charts and maps. These include data related to student membership, births, student transfers, temporary classrooms, capacity utilization, renovations, and new construction projects which are identified in the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Student membership data reflects the Certified Membership from September of each year. Each dashboard includes a “Read Me” tab, which describes the charts and information included in the dashboard. These dashboards provide FCPS and the community with an understanding of current student membership and the programs at school facilities.

Facilities, membership, and birth to kindergarten data is updated annually. Maps displaying schools that are open and closed to student transfer are updated periodically, as needed.

Facilities and Membership Overview Data

View information on membership, school facility, capacity, renovation, and new construction.

Birth to Kindergarten Data

View information on births, kindergarten student membership, and the birth to kindergarten ratios.

Transfers Data

View information on student transfers, and schools open or close to transfers.

School Capacity Utilization

View information on school capacity terminology and methodology.

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