Departments and Offices

FCPS Central Offices Provide School Support

The organizational structure of FCPS is focused on meeting the needs of 188,545 preschool through grade 12 students while managing 198 schools and centers. The division superintendent works closely with the deputy superintendent and the assistant superintendents who oversee the day-to-day operations of the schools. The schools and regions are supported by six departments that consist of both school-based and nonschool-based positions, as illustrated in the chart below. School-based staff members work in schools, special education centers, and programs for students in other locations (e.g., alternative learning centers).

Schools and Centers

Schools and centers are divided into five regions and each is supported by a region office consisting of an assistant superintendent, an executive principal, and an executive assistant. Additionally there are two executive principals specifically focused on school improvement. Each region in FCPS has more students than an average size school district in the United States. The region assistant superintendents and region offices oversee collaboration among schools, instruction, student achievement, school improvement planning, principal selection and evaluation, and communications for the schools and centers in their respective regions.