Community Conversations on Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Join the Fight, Save a Life.

March 18, 2024 - Join the Community Conversation on Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) invites you to a community conversation focused on addressing the opioid crisis within Northern Virginia and Fairfax County Public Schools. This discussion will provide families and students with valuable knowledge about the dangers of drugs and deadly fentanyl. 

All attendees will receive a free REVIVE! Narcan training during the event and learn about support services currently available within FCPS and Fairfax County. 

Together, as a community, we aim to explore collaborative strategies to minimize the impact of these harmful and sometimes fatal substances.

Date: Monday, March 18, 2024

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Location: Lake Braddock Secondary School
9200 Burke Lake Rd, Burke, VA 22015
Auditorium (Enter through door 14)

Language interpretation services are available as well as American Sign Language accommodation. Childcare and transportation will also be provided, as needed.

Program appropriate for grades 6 and up.  

Event Details:

Presentation: English (note: other languages will be available soon) 

Event Agenda

      Mr. Karl Frisch - Fairfax County School Board Chair, Providence Representative
      Dr. Michelle Reid - FCPS Superintendent
      Kevin Davis - Fairfax County Chief of Police

Foster Family Presentation - Cayden's story  

      Sean Foster - Cayden’s Father
      Caleb Ford - Cayden’s Friend
      Haley Crowder - Cayden’s Friend    

What Everyone Should Know      

      Dawn Brower - Centreville High School Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Free REVIVE! Narcan Training

        Raymond Paden - Fairfax Community Service Board

Q&A Session


Student Learning Service Hour Opportunity

We offered all participating high school students the opportunity to earn 1.5 - or more - service learning hours.

To earn these service learning hours, they had to

  • Attend the event.
  • Share their action: They had to find a way to raise awareness among their peers about the dangers of opioids, fentanyl, and other drugs, and list that action on the "exit ticket" they received at check-in.

Students who volunteered to assist at the event may earn additional service hours. They can track their service hours in x2VOL, and we will provide guidance on recording their hours. If a student have an questions regarding logging the service hours in x2VOL, please reach out to [email protected].

Your Voice Matters, Please Share Your Experience


On Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Print Version: English

Emergency / Overdose: Call or text 9-1-1 immediately

Prescription and nonprescription opioid drugs, particularly fentanyl, are the major forces behind many overdoses. Fentanyl is the primary opioid responsible for fatal and nonfatal overdoses in the Fairfax Health District. In 2022, 86 of 88 fatal opioid overdoses (98%) involved fentanyl.

Opioids include: heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone, fentanyl, morphine, and prescription pain relievers. An overdose of heroin or opioid painkillers can be lethal. 

What are the signs of overdose?

  • Face is pale or clammy
  • Breathing is infrequent or has stopped
  • Deep snoring or gurgling (death rattle)
  • Unresponsive to any stimuli
  • Slow or no heart rate and/or pulse
  • Bluish purple or ashen skin color
  • Fingernails turn blue or blue-black

Overdose Do’s and Don’ts


  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Stay with the person.
  • If naloxone (sometimes known by the brand name Narcan) is available and you've been trained to use it, do so. If it's available and you haven't been trained, let the 911 operator know you have it available and ask for instructions.
  • Naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.


  • Apply "old school" remedies that do not work such as putting the person in a cold bath or becoming physical with them (i.e., kicking, slapping, or punching the individual).
  • Inject them with salt water or stimulant drugs (methamphetamine).
  • Have them walk it off.
  • Sleep it off.
  • Induce vomiting.

Key Facts

  • Pills that look “normal” can still have deadly fentanyl in them. It’s undetectable by sight, smell, or taste.
  • Fentanyl is cheap, potent, and profitable, so dealers use it to make fake pills.

Fairfax Detoxification Center 703-502-7000

For Additional Information and Ways to Take Action

Join the Fight, Save a Life.

FCPS and Community Partners

FCPS offices, along with our valued community partners, will actively participate in this event, fostering collaboration and sharing vital resources and information. Together, we are committed to raising awareness and providing critical support to our families. Our unwavering commitment extends to every family in our school district, strengthening the foundation of a resilient and united community.

FCPS Resource:

  • Intercultural Engagement 
  • Substance Abuse Specialist 
  • School Counseling
  • School Psychology
  • School Social Worker
  • Office of the Ombuds

Fairfax County Community Resources: 

  • Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (Opioids Task Force)
    The Community Services Board will provide Rapid Naloxone (NARCAN) Education training (REVIVE! kit training) that includes a free box of naloxone* — often referred to by the brand name Narcan — upon completion of the training.  
  • Neighborhood and Community Services
  • Health Department Outreach 
  • Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (Youth and Family Services)
  • Healthy Minds Fairfax

January 10, 2024 Event

Fairfax County Public Schools' (FCPS) Community Conversation - a powerful event that resonated with a commitment to addressing the opioid crisis within Northern Virginia and our school community. This event left attendees not only well-informed, but empowered to address the challenges posed by drugs and the alarming presence of deadly fentanyl, with an impressive turnout of 361 participants, including students and families.

At FCPS, we recognize the urgent need to continue this important conversation, striving to destigmatize the issue and foster a collective understanding. Our focus goes beyond awareness; we want to build a resilient community that actively engages in collaborative strategies to minimize the impact of these harmful and sometimes deadly substances.

Join us in an ongoing dialogue as we work together to address this growing problem, share knowledge, and strengthen the bonds that make our community resilient. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure the well-being of each and every student and family.

Presentation: English  I   Spanish  I   Arabic  I   Korean  I  Urdu   I   Vietnamese

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Location: Edison High School

Event Flyer:

English I  Spanish I  Arabic I  Chinese I  Korean I  Urdu I  Vietnamese



Parents Speak Out on Losing Son to Fake Painkillers

      The Foster Family (Video)


      Foster Family Remarks

      Mr. Karl Frisch - Fairfax Count School Board Chair, Providence Representative

The Opioid Impact in Our Community: Setting the Stage

      Dr. Michelle Reid - FCPS Superintendent

      Kevin Davis - Fairfax County Chief of Police

The Opioid Impact on Schools: Be Part of the Solution

      Georgina Aye - Principal, Fairfax High School

      S. Kambar Khoshaba  - Principal, South County High School

      JoVon Rogers - Principal, Mount Vernon High School

Free REVIVE! Narcan Training

      Raymond Paden - Fairfax Community Service Board

Q&A Session