Assessment Reporting Practices and Timelines

Reports for students' assessments are delivered to families in different ways

How Do Families Receive Spring Assessment Results?

Starting in late May, caregivers receive reports for assessments their students completed during the spring. Scores are delivered in the Student Information System (SIS) ParentVUE, by mail, or from the school or testing organization. Click the link for each test below to find more details on how scores are reported to families. 

Results Reported in SIS ParentVUE "Documents"

Look in the SIS ParentVUE “Documents” section to find custom reports from the current spring:

For SOL, MI/RI, and iReady assessments, custom reports are provided from the student's school for families without a SIS ParentVUE account. 

Results Delivered Through U.S. Mail

Watch the mail for custom score reports from the current spring:

VKRP and VAAP reports are centrally sent to families through U.S. Mail.

Results Communicated From the School or Testing Organization

Expect scores to come from the school or testing organization for:

Need to create a SIS ParentVUE account?

SIS ParentVUE Account Registration

Ready to view assessment results in SIS ParentVUE?

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VVAAS Student Assessment Summary Report

The week of June 12, some families will also receive a Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution (VVAAS) Student Assessment Summary report with historical Standards of Learning (SOL) test results from previous years. The report provides SOL results for students grades 4-12 for SOL tests they completed from 2015-16 through 2021-22.

Reports are delivered through the SIS ParentVUE “Documents” section. For families without a SIS ParentVUE account, reports are centrally mailed to the family's home. 

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