Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD)

Citizen Advisory Committee

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School Board Liaison

Pat Hynes, Hunter Mill District Representative

Staff Liaison

Irene Meier, Director, Special Education, Department of Special Services

For ACSD questions or to submit written testimony please contact Sajjad Khan or Cheri Belkowitz.

Committee Purpose

8 VAC 20-81-230(D)—A local advisory committee for special education, appointed by each local school board, shall advise the school board through the division superintendent.

2017-18 Committee Charge

  • Examine how students with disabilities are making progress in the general education curriculum (IDEA, 2004). Explore “progress” as supported by, at a minimum, student growth progression, cohort progression, national data and parental goals.
  • Examine current FCPS staffing practices and facility adequacy and/or limitations to evaluate efficacy in delivering services at the building level while meeting the needs of a diverse population of students with disabilities in grades PK-12 with current composition of FCPS facilities.

Meeting Dates and Parking Information

The parking deck is located to the rear of the Gatehouse Administration Building. Take the elevators to the first floor. On the first floor, turn in the direction of the offices and make a left down the hall. Room 1600 is located directly across from the Apple Federal Credit Union on your right.

Date Time Location Agenda Minutes
9/13/17 6:30 pm Gatehouse-1600 View Agenda View Minutes
10/11/17 7 pm Gatehouse-1600 View Agenda View Minutes
11/8/17 7 pm; Subcommittee meeting at 6:15 pm Gatehouse-1600 View Agenda View Minutes
12/13/17 7 pm Gatehouse-cafe View Agenda View Minutes
1/10/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600 View Agenda View Minutes
1/31/18 Subcommittee Meeting at 6:30 pm Gatehouse-1610    
2/14/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600 View Agenda  
2/28/18 Subcommittee meeting at 6:30 pm Gatehouse-3050    
3/14/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600    
4/11/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600    
5/9/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600    
6/13/18 7 pm Gatehouse-1600    

2017-2018 Membership

Jennifer Vladyka, Assistive Technology
Jane Wilson, Braddock District
Jessica Mayo, Career and Transition Services
Jenn Wright, City of Fairfax School Board
Katie Malesky(alt), City of Fairfax School Board
Vacant, Department of Neighborhood & Community Services
Michael Beattie, Disability Services Board
Vacant, Dranesville District
Melissa Johnson, Faculty
Diane Allen, Fairfax County Health Department
Toby Latham, Fairfax County Council of PTA
Vacant, Fairfax County Federation of Citizen’s Associations
Vacant, Fairfax/Falls Church Community Service Board
Linda Mason, Higher Education
Brandon Cassady, Hunter Mill
Andrianne Konstas, League of Women Voters
Meghan Gray, Lee District
Harry Henderson, Mason District
Vacant, Member at Large Keys-Gramara
Judy Farabaugh, Member at Large-McElveen
Vacant, Member at Large-Moon
Connie Lorentzen, Mount Vernon District
Cindy Woodcock, Preschool
Theresa Simonds Casselman, Providence District
Lisa Anne Fagan, Region 1
Susan Edgerton, Region 2
Michael Montante, Region 3
Rachna Heizer, Region 4
Sajjad Khan, Region 5
Cheri Belkowitz, Springfield District
Shreya Chappidi, Student Representative

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Meeting Minutes