Family and School Partnership

Equitable Access to Literacy Focus Area

Focus Area

Enhance student literacy success through building and maintaining partnerships with Families and School Communities

Indicators of Success

FCPS will ensure that families and school communities are engaged in the development of student literacy success and individual literacy plans


Families engage in regular opportunities to partner with schools to support student achievement in literacy throughout the school year.


Schools report 100% family participation in the development and monitoring of the individual literacy plans which will be implemented starting in SY 2024 - 25. 

Strategic Actions

Each strategic action is organized by year of implementation with the desired goal of sustained support.


  • DA = Developing Awareness
  • BK = Building Knowledge
  • TP = Translating into Practice
    (Beginning Implementation)
  • AR = Advancing and Refining
    (Mid Implementation)
  • SI = Sustaining with Integrity
    (Full Implementation)

Note: Items with an * are required by the Virginia Literacy Act

Strategic Action 2021 - 22
School Year
2022 - 23
School Year
2023 - 24
School Year
2024 - 25
School Year
2025 - 26
School Year
2026 - 27
School Year
Create and maintain a Division Community Steering Committee to provide collaborative opportunities for trust-building, community dialogue and data sharing around division-wide decisions. SI SI SI SI SI SI
Division leaders will create and maintain a web based platform to share information and clearly communicate goals and strategic actions. DABK TP TP AR SI
School Teams will collaborate with families as partners to provide clear and consistent two way communication around early identification of ongoing instruction and intervention.* DABK TP TP AR SI
School Teams will build family and community understanding around assessment and instructional literacy shifts through family workshops DADA BK TP AR SI
Division Leaders will deepen Family and School Partnerships by offering collaborative, interactive, asset based, and inclusive learning opportunities with families across the division DADA BK TP AR SI
School teams will partner with families to collaboratively design and implement reading plans to support student learning and accelerate growth* DADADA SI SI SI
Division leaders will provide schools and families with evidence-based resources to support literacy development at home DADADA SI SI SI

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