Cultivate Equitable and Culturally Responsive Practices

Equitable Access to Literacy Focus Area

Focus Area

Cultivate Equitable and Culturally Responsive Practices where every student is reached, challenged, and prepared for success.

Indicators of Success

All Educational practitioners will demonstrate culturally responsive pedagogies


All students will report positive classroom relationships with peers and adults


Reporting observed trends through classroom walkthroughs and school team interviews.

Strategic Actions

Each strategic action is organized by year of implementation with the desired goal of sustained support.


  • DA = Developing Awareness
  • BK = Building Knowledge
  • TP = Translating into Practice
    (Beginning Implementation)
  • AR = Advancing and Refining
    (Mid Implementation)
  • SI = Sustaining with Integrity
    (Full Implementation)
Strategic Action 2021 - 22
School Year
2022 - 23
School Year
2023 - 24
School Year
2024 - 25
School Year
2025 - 26
School Year
2026 - 27
School Year
Engage in Community Conversations to listen to the voices and experiences of our students, staff, and families SI SI SI SI SI SI
Engage in professional learning to understand structural inequities, marginalization and its impact on students and families BK TP TP AR SI SI
Create and maintain identity affirming spaces where students report a sense of belonging BK TP TP AR SI SI
Develop and implement processes and structures to examine disaggregated outcome data DA BK TP TP AR SI
Provide professional learning and coaching opportunities for Collaborative Teams to utilize the 4 Critical Questions of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) through a Culturally Responsive Lens DA DA BK TP AR SI
Utilize the Five Design Principles of culturally responsive instruction, when creating and examining lesson plans DA DA BK TP AR SI
Utilize the Cultural Proficiency Continuum in instructional decision making opportunities DA BK BK TP AR SI

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