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Tech Adventure Camp | Home Enrichment Activities

Are you looking for fun STEM activities to try at home. How about building a "Straw Rocket" using straws, tape and scraps of paper you have around the house. Click on the link for more information! (you will need to log into your FCPS Google Account to access the document)

Ideas for Fun, Engaging STEM Activites to Do at Home

There are many fun STEM resources that you can find on-line and projects you can do at home. SCRATCH is a great program to help you learn how to code.

NASA STEM Engagement Grade 5 - 8

Offers a variety of activities for students in grade 5 - 8 to explore. Activities include puzzles, games, coloring pages and more.

Air and Space Museum K-12 Learning Resources

Bring the wonder of Air and Space to life through videos, hands on activities, games, and more. We have something for every learner, Our learning resources bring the National Air and Space Museum’s one-of-a-kind collections and world class research to you, anywhere and anytime. Explore aerodynamics through hands on activities, discover the science behind spy planes, earthquakes or volcanoes in a STEM in 30 episode or listen to human stories of achievement, failure, and perseverance on our AirSpace podcasts. All of our resources will spark learner’s curiosity and the beginning of their aviation and aerospace adventure!

STEM Resources

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