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The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the Fairfax Network will bring Smithsonian resources and expertise to students and educators this school year.

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Audience: Students in Grades 6-8 • Register for the Webcasts


The webcasts from the Fairfax Network and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History provide students with positive STEM role models, information about science careers and pathways, and connections to current research. Each program features the research and personalities of the Museum. Students will see how scientists and other experts use tools and technology in their work. Webcasts are archived online at Smithsonian Science How.

Upcoming Webcasts

Recovering Voices: Sustaining Global Linguistic Diversity with Linguist Gabriela Pérez Báez — March 7, 2018
Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez discusses the world's incredible diversity of languages and the wealth of knowledge and information they hold. Get Teaching Resources

Deep-Ocean Discovery: Octopods and Squids with Zoologist Mike Vecchione — April 4, 2018
Dr. Mike Vecchione explains how uses technologies, including telepresence and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), to study cephalopods in the deepest ocean. Get Teaching Resources

Previous Webcasts

Powerful Predators: Adaptations of Trap-Jaw Spiders with Entomologist Hannah Wood — October 4, 2017
Dr. Hannah Wood explains how she studies tiny trap-jaw spiders.
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What Tiny Marine Fossils Reveal about Extinction with Paleontologist Gene Hunt — November 1, 2017
Dr. Gene Hunt explains how he uses fossils to study a marine extinction mystery.
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Inside the Smithsonian’s Fossil Prep Lab with Fossil Preparator Michelle Pinsdorf — December 6, 2017
Smithsonian fossil preparator Michelle Pinsdorf demonstrates how she cleans and prepares fossils for study and display.
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Assassin Flies: Predators of the Insect World with Entomologist Torsten Dikow — January 3, 2018
Dr. Torsten Dikow discusses the evolution, biodiversity, and behavior of assassin flies.
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Human Impacts and Extinction of Freshwater Snails with Zoologist Ellen Strong — February 7, 2018
Dr. Ellen Strong explains the roles freshwater snails play in ecosystems and how human activities put them at risk.
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The Museum has given the Fairfax Network permission to make selected archived webcasts available for video download. Please use the Science How? Video Link Request Form to request the video file(s).


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