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Healthy Minds
August 01, 2022

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Being apart from each other hasn’t been easy for anyone. Welcome to the Healthy Minds Podcast from Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Hear about how we are all handling uncertainty; get new ideas to help your child, friends and families feel better; and learn to help yourself feel stronger and more energized. If you need a little help to feel OK, it’s OK--the Healthy Minds Podcast is here for you.


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It can be hard to know whether you need to reach out to a professional when you are worried about your child’s behavior or if you see that your child is struggling. And if you do reach out, what type of specialist and treatment are right for your child? Healthy Minds Fairfax helps youth and families in the Fairfax-Falls Church community access mental health and substance abuse services. 


Healthy Minds Blog
Information for parents, educators, and community-based providers who are interested in supporting student mental health and wellness. It represents a collaboration between FCPS’ Office of Intervention and Prevention Services and the Fairfax County Government. 

Mental Health Resources and Emergency Services
National and Local Crisis Resources

Student Wellness: Tips and Strategies
Feeling super stressed? Worried about a friend's mental health—or your own? Get tips to help manage your emotions and see what to do if you are in crisis. 

Mental Health and Resiliency
Helping students to manage stress, make better choices, and develop healthy habits.

FCPS Parent Resource Center
The Parent Resource Center (PRC) offers free workshops, consultations, a lending library, and more to help adults support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs and disabilities. 

Fairfax County Government Prevention Toolkit
Improving outcomes for children and youth requires the collaborative effort of the entire Fairfax community.