How to Prepare for a Virtual Learning Day During Inclement Weather

Take steps to make sure you are ready for virtual learning

Students and staff can prepare for virtual learning day during inclement weather. Here is a list of steps to take before any weather announcement is made:  

  • Devices - Students and staff should take their devices home each day and be sure the device is charged ahead of the start of the following school day. If a child is currently isolating or quarantining and needs to pick up a device from the school to engage in virtual learning should that occur, please contact your school directly.   
  • Checklist - Review the Student Technology Readiness Checklist with your child and complete all the at-home readiness steps. 
  • Messages - Read any messages from your school or teacher to know what to expect.
  • Childcare - Make plans for childcare if needed.

What to Expect on a Virtual Learning Inclement Weather Day

Virtual learning will be synchronous or live, teacher-led instruction. However, teachers may prepare emergency asynchronous lessons that can be used if they have issues connecting due to power or other unforeseen circumstances.

The Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Day Schedule will be utilized. 

  • ALL Elementary Schools will begin at 10:30 a.m.
  • ALL Middle and High Schools will begin on a two-hour delay

Your school and teacher will share more specific information you need to prepare for success on an inclement weather virtual learning day.


Teachers will take attendance in SIS as they would on an in-person day. Students who are unable to connect will be marked absent, but given an opportunity to make up work.

Weather Messages

Inclement weather virtual learning days will be announced in the same ways that we make all emergency weather announcements, which are posted to the web, text and email, social media, Red Apple 21 and through the local media. Information on how FCPS makes weather decisions is available online.

Weather Cancellation Procedures

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