Proposed Capital Improvement Program Supports Students and Environmental Sustainability

By Office of Community Relations
January 17, 2024

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) outlined plans for new school construction, capacity enhancements, and renovations during the School Board meeting January 11. 

These projects, presented as part of FCPS’ proposed FY 2025-29 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), represent a commitment to providing equitable access to high-quality public school environments for all students.

New construction will begin on Dunn Loring Elementary School to relieve overcrowding in the Dunn Loring, Falls Church, and Tysons areas. 

Other projects include renovations at 18 elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Capacity enhancements will take place at Justice High School. Timelines for capital projects will be posted on project web pages on the FCPS website. 

The proposed CIP also highlights FCPS’ alignment with the Fairfax County Joint Environmental Task Force’s (JET) goals. Planning and budgeting in the proposed CIP includes more Net-Zero Energy (NZE) building practices. NZE buildings use as little energy as possible and in some cases, may produce enough energy to meet or exceed operational needs.

The proposed CIP reflects funding received from the 2023 Bond Referendum and previous referenda approved by county voters. With construction costs atypically high due to inflation and supply-chain issues, adjustments to the current renovation schedule are necessary. A new renovation queue is in the early stages of being developed and will be included in future CIPs once completed.  

The Proposed CIP was presented to the Fairfax County School Board at the January 11 meeting. The full proposed CIP can be viewed on the FCPS website

A public hearing will be held Thursday, January 18, at Luther Jackson Middle School. Members of the public may sign up to speak at the hearing.

The School Board will take action on the proposed CIP at the February 8 meeting.