Partnership Update - January 2022

By Communication and Community Relations
Ignite Partners
January 14, 2022

We’re Open for Business and Community Partners

Visitors, mentors, or volunteers may enter FCPS buildings. COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for visitors/volunteers but it's important to follow the process to volunteer in our school system.

Volunteers are also encouraged to consider working for Fairfax County Public Schools, and we encourage everyone to share that FCPS is hiring, and is a great place to work.

Businesses and community groups are encouraged to learn more about Business and Community Partnerships including our Ignite Partnerships program.  

Again, we welcome our partners to amplify Fairfax County Public Schools acute employment needs through your networks and communities.

Donations Are Welcome

two students standing next to a donated carGet ahead of your 2022 tax write-offs by donating today. Donations are welcome and encouraged year-round, and we’ve made it easy.  

Yes, we accepted that beautiful Shelby Cobra car as a donation, and a tin Model-T too. Both went into auto tech programs as learning tools. Any vehicle–SUV, minivan, or sedan–is welcome and worthy of our review, so please donate.

All donations are tax deductible.

Superintendent Search Update

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Our School Board is committed to hiring the best possible candidate for FCPS’ next superintendent.

Your voice is an important part of this effort. 

If you are an FCPS community member and would like to participate, please take the Superintendent Search Survey today.

A search firm will also be hosting virtual town halls, where community members can answer questions regarding the most important qualities our next superintendent should possess. Visit FCPS’ website for more information.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important process.

Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Each year, more than 200 judges are needed at our Regional Science and Engineering Fair (March 18-20) to evaluate hundreds of student projects in categories from astronomy to plant sciences to robotics.    

Serving as a judge is a fun opportunity to interact directly with students and learn about their research interests. You’ll learn too.

Online registration is open until Friday, March 11. Click to register and learn more by selecting the “Judge’s Main” tab. Or, contact Brian Mandell via email.

They Signed on the Dotted Line

Educational Empowerment, Identity Development, and Leadership Opportunities

Our Ignite Partnership agreement with AALEAD is signed. They’ll be supporting students at Falls Church and Annandale High Schools, and Holmes MS, and are already looking to grow. Read more about their support for Asian and Pacific Islander students.

two volunteers standing together holding a laptop

Partnerships in the Pipeline

We’ve started discussions to expand our partnership base with Cease Hunger, Inova Health Systems, WalMart Global Tech, and Washington Gas.

Undaunted Futures

We’re in the final stages of inking our Ignite Partnership agreement with Undaunted Futures. This not-for-profit provides mentored learning to underserved youth and fosters life skills development.

Capital One’s Fall Session Ends with Authentic Assessment

Since September, Capital One tech associates have volunteered to help FCPS middle school students explore mobile app development, web design, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies as part of their Capital One Coders program.

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In December, the students engaged in authentic assessments with tech associates and their peers, sharing their digital creations during five online events.  

Glasgow, Holmes, Poe, Sandburg, and Whitman Middle Schools were this fall’s participating schools. Sandburg, outside Capital One’s traditional volunteer travel parameters, became a program site thanks to virtual volunteering.

Thank you to the 84 Capital One volunteers who served 125 students and provided 75 volunteer hours during 50 lessons.

Don't Stop Reading and Clicking.  

FCPS MentorWorks Seeks Caring, Responsible Adults

A mentor is a person who gives one-on-one time to a student and encourages the student to develop their strengths and capabilities. A mentor is a positive role model, an adult friend, and a listener.

As a mentor, your roles include providing your mentee with dependable and consistent attention and to guide them through realistic goal-setting and self-advocacy. You will also, support mentees through college and career exploration and encourage them to strive for possibilities that may not be immediately apparent. 

Businesses or organizations seeking a mentoring partnership are also welcome.

Sub and Dave the Day! 

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Fairfax County Public Schools is looking for enthusiastic, engaged, and dedicated substitute teachers. The need for substitute teachers is very high and subs are needed now.

Starting pay is $17.79 per hour for short-term subs; $23.91 per hour for long-term subs. 

Become a substitute teacher. Learn more about being a sub.

Calling All College Students! Use Your Breaks to Make Extra Cash by Becoming A Sub.

If you are a college student home on winter break, or you live in the area full-time, becoming a substitute teacher is an excellent part-time job. You can decide what days you want to work, and even do half days. Spring break is also a great time to make some extra cash. 

Julian Lawson Consolla is a junior at the University of Kentucky who is working at Mount Eagle Elementary School while he has a few weeks off. Learn about his experience as a substitute teacher.