Meet the Author: Lisa McMann

February 27, 2020 · Audience: Students in Grades 5-12


When she was in the 4th grade, Lisa McMann decided she wanted to be a writer. She is a New York Times bestselling author of books for young adults and children including The Unwanteds, The Unwanteds Quests, and Going Wild series for middle grade readers; the Wake trilogy and The Visions trilogy for young adults.

When asked on GoodReads website, “How do you write an interesting book,” Lisa McMann replied, “Write about something that is interesting to you, and there's a good chance it'll be interesting to other readers too. Make sure you have things go wrong in your story -- if everything is great, that's when things get boring.”

During the live webcast, Skype questions from Glasgow Middle School (FCPS) students provide a lively discussion. McMann discusses character development and provides writing tips for student authors. She also answers e-mail questions and phone calls from students.


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