Current Job Openings

FCPS values diversity and is an equal-opportunity employer with jobs for teachers as well as administrative and operational staff.

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  • Interested in instructional opportunities, such as a teacher, school counselor, librarian, instructional assistant, substitute teacher, substitute teaching assistant, public health attendant (PHA), or public health training assistant (PHTA)? 
  • Interested in administrative staff opportunities, such as principal, assistant principal, school psychologist, school social worker, or other school-based and central administrative positions? 
    • Interested in operational positions, such as facilities management, safety and security, human resources, transportation, trades jobs, financial services, or information technology? 
    • Interested in becoming a principal?

    HR Connection

    Question for Human Resources? Submit it through the HR Connection portal or call 571-423-3000 or 1-800-831-4331.