Principal Selection Pool Process

Resume Guidelines

When completing an on-line application for the FCPS principal pool candidates will be instructed to upload a resume. A cover letter is not required. 

Personal Information

  • Name as shown on license, mailing address, phone number and email address

Education and Certification/Endorsements

  • Degrees Earned; University/College/ Conferring Degree(s)
  • Licensure—All endorsements (for out-of-state candidates, please include proof of eligibility to obtain a Virginia License)

Professional Experience (When developing a resume the following information on professional experience is to be included.)    

In order, from most recent position and working backward, provide information related to each professional experience. Include the follow for each position:

  • Office or Organization, Name of School or Office, Position Title, and Length of duration in position
  • Highlights of Each Position:
    • In a few sentences, provide an overview of the school/office you served
    • Provide evidence of your work in the position as related to FCPS school-based administrator evaluation standards. In 6-10 statements summarize your accomplishments and skills
      • (While not citing to the standards, these statements should reflect the work tied to the School Based Administrator (SBA) evaluation standards which are accessible on the Principal Selection Process page.)

Professional Development, Awards, Publications and Recognitions

  • Title of professional development session, target audience, school/office and year
  • Articles, etc. you authored or contributed to with publishing information
  • Name of award or recognition


  • Contact information for 3-5 references


An example resume is provided as a guide. Candidates may develop resumes using a different format, but the components listed above should be included.

Principal Application Process