Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows students to take college courses while enrolled in high school.

Many FCPS students wish to experience a course on a college campus before completing high school. They find that taking a course on a college campus while in high school (concurrent enrollment) prepares them to transition to college.


High school students can take a college course for:

  • College credit.
  • Both high school and college credit.

In addition to the list of concurrent courses, Students may take dual enrollment classes concurrently

  • Concurrent enrollment classes cannot be taken over the summer for high school credit.
  • The following dual enrollment courses cannot be taken concurrently.
    • AP Calculus BC DE
    • AP Environmental Science DE
    • IB Environmental Systems  
    • Societies SL DE

To get high school credit you must get permission from your high school before enrolling in the college course.

  • Courses will only transfer back to the FCPS transcript if fulfilling a graduation requirement.
  • Concurrent courses with a DE designation will have a 1.0 weight consistent with other college level courses.
  • If a concurrent course does not have a DE designation, the course will not be weighted on the FCPS transcript, students should be prepared to send a NOVA transcript with any of their college applications.

You must take two semesters (or the equivalent) of college courses to receive a full (1.0) high school credit.

College courses taken for high school credit must meet Virginia Department of Education guidelines including:

  • The college must accept the student for admission to the course or courses.
  • The course or courses must be a degree credit(s) (remedial courses will not be accepted).

Scroll down for a list of reviewed college courses that are aligned to FCPS high school credits.

Students planning to use these courses to meet requirements at  Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) should meet with a NOVA academic advisor before enrolling in the course.

NOVA has transfer agreements with many four-year colleges and universities. Review these agreements if you are planning on transferring college credits.


Individual colleges and universities set the cost for their courses. Tuition is paid to the college or university.

FCPS Courses and Concurrent College Equivalents 

Subject Area FCPS Course University Courses University
English English 11 DE or 12 DE ENG 111 and ENG 112 NOVA*
  English 12 DE ENG 241 and ENG 242 NOVA
  English 12 DE

ENG 243 and ENG 244

*ENG 112 is a prerequisite for NOVA 200 level ENG classes

  English 12 DE

ENG 112* and one of the following:
ENG 241 or ENG 242 or ENG 243 or ENG 244 or ENG 276 or ENG 279.

*ENG 111 prerequisite for ENG 112. Students who achieve a 3 or higher on the AP language exam are eligible to earn credit for ENG 111.

  Speech CST 100 and CST 110 NOVA
  Film Study (semester) ENG 279 NOVA
Electives Architectural Drawing ARC 123 and ARC 133 NOVA
Fine Arts Art 2 ART 101 and 102 NOVA
  Photography 1 PHT 101 and PHT 102 NOVA
  Studio Art and Design 4 ART 131 and ART 132 NOVA
Mathematics Precalculus DE MTH 161 & 162 NOVA
Science Bio DE BIO 101 and BIO 102 NOVA
  Chemistry 2 DE CHM 111 and CHM 112 NOVA
  Human Anatomy BIO 141 and BIO 142 NOVA
  Oceanography GOL 111 and GOL 112 NOVA
  Physics PHY 101 and PHY 102 NOVA
Social Studies US Government DE GOVT 101 and GOVT 103
PLS 135
  US History DE HIS 121 and HIS 122 NOVA
  World History II DE HIS 112 and one of the following:
HIS 102 or HIS 135 or HIS 232 or HIS 252 or HIS 254
  World History I DE HIS 111 and one of the following:
HIS 101 or HIS 112 or HIS 203 or HIS 231 or HIS 243 or HIS 251 or HIS 253
World Languages*** Arabic I ARA 101 and ARA 102 NOVA
  Arabic II ARA 201 and ARA 202 NOVA
  ASL I ASL 101 and ASL 102 NOVA
  ASL II ASL 201 and ASL 202 NOVA
  ASL III ASL 261 and ASL 262 NOVA
  French I FRE 101 and FRE 102 NOVA
  French II FRE 201 and FRE 202 NOVA
  German I GER 101 and GER 102 NOVA
  German II GER 201 and GER 202 NOVA
  German IV GERM 210 and GERM 250 GMU
  Japanese 1 JPN 101 and JPN 102 NOVA
  Spanish I SPA 101 and SPA 102 NOVA
  Spanish II SPA 201 and SPA 202 NOVA
  Spanish IV SPAN 309 (6 credits) GMU
  Russian I Russian 101 and 102 NOVA
  Russian II Russian 201 and 202 NOVA
  Russian III Russian 201 and 202 GMU

*Northern Virginia Community College
** George Mason University
****Note: Additional testing may be required in order to take a specific World Language course at NOVA. Completion of FCPS courses may not guarantee placement into a specific NOVA World Language course.