Dyslexia Handbook

Guidance to FCPS schools and families alike as they identify and provide services to students with dyslexia

The FCPS online dyslexia handbook provides information and resources to FCPS schools and families alike as they support students with dyslexia. The handbook reflects a division-wide commitment to ensure that these students’ needs are met as a result of collective responsibility and collaboration across general and special education contexts.

The handbook itself is organized to reflect dyslexia at three levels:

In addition, the Appendices include a glossary of handbook terms, dyslexia resources, signs of dyslexia, and family guides to dyslexia for elementary and secondary schools.

Throughout this handbook, the term “students with dyslexia” has been used in lieu of the term, “dyslexic.” The decision to use person-first language is to serve as a constant reminder that these students are more than their dyslexia (National Center on Disability and Journalism, 2017, retrieved from http://ncdj.org/style-guide/ on 3/7/17).

Defining students as dyslexic prevents us from crafting a fuller profile of them as students who struggle with decoding and spelling and do well in many other academic and nonacademic pursuits.

Our FCPS website is designed to be accessible to a variety of users with differing needs and is compatible with screen reading software.


Resources for Schools

Focus on the Student


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