Noel Klimenko

Noel Klimenko

Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services Department

Noel Klimenko became assistant superintendent for Instructional Services in July 2021. 

In addition to her areas of responsibility outlined on the Instructional Service Department web page, Klimenko works with the following seven advisory committees

  • Advanced Academic Programs Advisory Committee (AAPAC)
  • Adult and Community Education Advisory Committee (ACEAC)
  • Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee (CTEAC)
  • Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC)
  • Foundation for Applied Technical Education (FATE) Committee
  • Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee (MSAOC)
  • PreK & Early Head Start Parent Policy Committee

Before becoming an assistant superintendent, Klimenko served for six years as FCPS’ director of PreK-Curriculum and Instruction, where she led 12 teams that created curriculum, professional development, and resource deployment to ensure alignment to FCPS’ learning model and strategic plan. She worked collaboratively with Fairfax County School Board leadership, school division directors and managers, school-based leaders, teachers, and parents in her multifaceted role that supported community engagement and oversaw facilitation of citizen advisory committees. 

Klimenko has 15 years of classroom experience, teaching mathematics at the elementary and secondary levels. She started her tenure with FCPS in August 1989 at Layton Hall Elementary School (now Daniels Run Elementary School). Her classroom experiences served to establish her firm background and foundation in instruction to help students overcome barriers and learn to their fullest potential. 

Klimenko earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Auburn University and a master’s degree in educational leadership from George Mason University. 

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