Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R)

A Guide for Families: Navigating a safe and rewarding school experience with your child!

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Cover of the SR&R Guide. Includes a photo of students sitting at their desks wearing masks.  

The Student Rights and Responsibilities document explains expectations for student behavior and adult responses to enhance school safety and to create a fair, equitable and supportive school environment. We ask that you use this document as a framework for discussing these expectations with your child or teen so that he or she is well prepared for success when the school year begins. You will also find that this publication includes information that you may need throughout the school year, including contact numbers and other resources.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities document and its translations are located under "SR&R Video and Related Documents"



Parent and/or Guardian Signature Sheet

Parent/Guardians can acknowledge receipt of the SR&R in ParentVue in your child’s SIS account or sign the Parent Signature Sheet to acknowledge that you have received this document. Please e-sign through ParentVue or return the signed signature sheet to your child's school by October 29, 2021.