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About Tutor.com

What is the purpose of online tutoring services via Tutor.com?

Online tutoring via Tutor.com is focused instruction provided to students in a one-on-one format (voice and/or text chat). Tutors will focus on developing student’s strengths and capabilities in reading, mathematics, or other specified subjects.

Is there a fee families must pay in order for their student(s) to receive tutoring services via Tutor.com?

No, FCPS is providing the funding required to offer Tutor.com online tutoring services to every enrolled student at no cost to families.

Does a student have to participate in online tutoring services?

No, student participation in online (voice and/or text chat) tutoring services through Tutor.com is completely optional.

What can a student expect from a session?

Tutor.com has expert tutors who will provide encouraging, empowering support. Tutors follow a Socratic method of teaching that helps guide students through the learning process. Tutors will work with students to help them understand how to solve problems on their own. Tutor.com learners regularly report that their tutors are patient, supportive, helpful, and kind. After a session, students should be equipped with knowledge to help with future assignments. And if additional help is needed, students can reconnect with a tutor at any time.

What is available in an online classroom session?

Students can typically choose to connect with a tutor via two-way text-chat or voice—whichever is more comfortable for the student. Tutor.com virtual classroom has all the tools students need to make the most of their session: two-way whiteboard, code editor, text editor, and graph paper—plus a range of drawing tools, graphing calculator, formulas, file sharing, and emoji.

What subject areas are available for tutoring?

Students can get on-demand or scheduled tutoring in hundreds of subjects and test-prep areas, including AP® (Advanced Placement) and IB® (International Baccalaureate) subjects, algebra, writing, programming languages, world languages, web design, etc. Tutor.com also offers drop-off review services for writing, math, and cover letters/resumes. Students will have access to a writing center and can receive support in preparation for the SAT and/or ACT (standardized tests accepted by most Colleges or Universities for admissions purposes).

What grade levels are tutoring services provided?

Tutoring services are provided for most K-12 subject areas.

How does a student get consistent help over time if they are not able to work with the same tutor each session?

Tutors have the ability to open the student’s previous sessions when they are working in the classroom with the student. They can see what the student has been working on and pick up any conversations that took place in previous sessions even if they were with other tutors. The tutor does not know personal information about who the student is, but can open session transcripts when in the session with them to quickly review the chat and whiteboards.

Tutor Qualifications and Vetting

Are the online tutors FCPS teachers?

No, the tutors are employed by Tutor.com and do not work for Fairfax County Public Schools.  However, all tutors are content area experts and must pass a thorough background check conducted by Tutor.com and meet Federal and State requirements aligned to FCPS practice. 

Are tutors qualified in their subjects?

Tutors are highly qualified. They go through a rigorous vetting process, including education verification and multiple background checks. They also have to pass a subject matter exam and complete an interview. Also, Tutor.com has a quality specialist team that reviews sessions to ensure their tutors are always providing the highest level of support.

Are tutoring sessions safe?

Yes. Tutor.com complies with all applicable safety and security regulations. Tutors are rigorously vetted, and their quality specialist team ensures the integrity of sessions. Tutors do not receive any personal information about students, and all sessions are anonymous and secure.


How can a student access Tutor.com?

Starting April 14, 2022, students will be able to access Tutor.com via a link in Schoology.  Additional information is provided in the following:  Elementary - How It Works and Middle & High - How It Works.

How can a student find Tutor.com in their Schoology Course?

Elementary students will enter through their homeroom course or the subject area course they are requesting tutoring help in. Students will click the Tutor.com link in the left hand panel of their Schoology course to enter the platform. 

Middle and high school students will enter through the subject area course they are requesting tutoring help in.  Students will click on the Tutor.com link located in the left hand panel of their Schoology course to enter the platform.

Detailed information about how to access and use Tutor.com services is provided in the following: Elementary - How It Works and Middle & High - How It Works.

Can a student access Tutor.com on a mobile device?

Yes, Tutor.com can be accessed on a mobile device. Open a browser on your device and log into Schoology. Students will not be able to access Tutor.com through the Schoology App.

In what languages are tutoring services provided?

Tutors are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. 
Mandarin/Chinese and French will be available starting in the 2022-2023 school year.

Do parents have access to Tutor.com?

Yes, parents/guardians will have access to observe live tutoring sessions and/or review a session transcript by accessing Tutor.com through their student’s account. 

Can adult high school and GED students have access to Tutor.com?

Yes, Tutor.com online services can be accessed by any enrolled FCPS student, regardless of program.

Will online tutoring services be available in the summer?

Yes, tutoring services will be available during the summer.  Students are encouraged to access Tutor.com during the summer to review and/or practice in subject areas of need and/or interest. Reference additional details in the FAQs Summer Access section below.

If a parent/guardian does not want their student(s) to access Tutor.com how can the student(s) be opted out?

Details about the opt-out process are provided below in the Opt-Out FAQ section. 

Can students access Tutor.com during the school day?

Yes, Tutor.com online tutoring services are available during the school day.  However, teachers may provide guidance about accessing Tutor.com during class time.

What should a student do if they have difficulty accessing the tutoring service?

Students can reach out via the Tutor.com Contact page or call at 800-411-1970.

Tutor.com staff are available:

  • Monday–Friday
    8:00 a.m.–midnight
    (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Saturday–Sunday
    8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
    (Eastern Standard Time)

Summer Access

How can FCPS students access Tutor.com over the summer?

Students can access Tutor.com over the summer months by logging into Schoology through a course.  However, after mid-June, when a student clicks on courses, the courses from the 2021-22 SY will no longer show up since they will be archived in transition to the new school year.  Therefore, students must follow the instructions below to access Tutor.com from an archived course during the summer months.

  • Log in to Schoology
  • Click on the Courses tab
  • Click on the My Courses link
  • Click on the Archived button (will show all previous courses) 
  • Click on the subject area course in which the student wants tutoring help
  • Click on the Tutor.com icon located in the left side bar to access online tutoring services

Where can a student get additional information if having trouble accessing Tutor.com via an archived course?

If a student needs help understanding the process of viewing archived courses, visit this Schoology support page for detailed directions and an animated gif that will help visually

Can students attending summer Credit Recovery Academy (CRA), Online Campus (OC) or Online Economics & Personal Finance (EPF) access Tutor.com?

Yes, CRA, OC and Online EPF students can access Tutor.com through their active summer course in Schoology.

How long will a graduating senior have access to Tutor.com during the summer?

July 29 will be the last date graduated seniors will be able to access the network.

When will a newly enrolled student for the 22-23 school year have access to Tutor.com?

Newly enrolled students will be able to access Tutor.com through Schoology by August 18.


How long will it take for a student to connect with a tutor?

Typically, a student is connected with a tutor within a brief minute or two. Students can connect online any time, any place, and in most subjects for however long they need. Tutoring may be on-demand and/or scheduled at a time convenient for the student and/or family. 

Can a student schedule a session in advance with a favorite tutor?

Yes, students will be able to schedule sessions ahead of time, and can schedule with a specific favorite tutor. Students can add tutors to their Favorites list so they can schedule a future time to work together or check to see if their favorite tutor is available for on-demand tutoring.

Can a student review a previous session?

Yes, just click “View your previous sessions” on the student’s account page to see transcripts of previous sessions.  Students can also replay past sessions.

Can FCPS teachers assign students to participate in Tutor.com?

No, teachers cannot assign a student to participate in a tutoring session; although, teachers may recommend and/or encourage a student to access the tutoring service to receive additional support. FCPS school staff do not participate in the online tutoring sessions between a student and their tutor.

Resources and Supports for Middle & High School Students

What kind of exam support is available to students?

Tutor.com offers a comprehensive range of self-study resources that include exam prep (AP/SAT/ACT) and videos of sample problems that students can use and replay as often as needed. These resources include diagnostic quizzes, instructional videos, practice quizzes and skills drills, a SkillsCenterTM Resource Library, college admissions test preparation, and practice quizzes for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

How can students use the diagnostic quizzes available via Tutor.com?

Diagnostic quizzes help students test their core competencies and focus on areas where they may be lacking prerequisite knowledge. Although quizzes are asynchronous, students can connect immediately to a tutor to address the areas where they are continuing to struggle, to avoid falling behind.  Quizzes are available in algebra l, algebra ll, biology, calculus, chemistry, English I, English II, English III, English IV, geometry, liberal arts math, math fundamentals, and physics.

What kind of support can Tutor.com provide for college admissions test preparation (SAT/ACT)?

Tutor.com can provide access to The Princeton Review SAT/ACT Essentials, a proven and effective self-paced study course that helps students meet their target test scores. SAT/ACT Essentials goes beyond practice tests by providing each student with a full Score Report that includes personalized recommendations and supporting instructional materials for areas of focus to maximize the impact of prep time. These instructional materials include video lessons and practice drills for every concept tested, which help teach students how to tackle each type of question they may face. Students and parents can also access expert advice from The Princeton Review’s college admissions experts through SAT/ACT Essentials. Tutor.com also provides helpful information on many topics such as financial aid, testing for those with learning disabilities, writing a strong application essay, using the Common App and more.

What kind of support can students receive to help prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)?

Tutor.com provides ASVAB practice quizzes with the option for a student to connect to a tutor if assistance is needed with incorrect responses.

Opt-Out Information

If a parent/guardian does not want their student(s) to access Tutor.com how can a student be opted-out?

If a parent/guardian does not want their student to have access to this online tutoring resource, complete the opt-out via SIS ParentVUE

If unable to opt-out via SIS ParentVUE:

  • Return the hard copy Online Tutoring Services Notice and Opt-Out form sent home by the student’s school. 
  • Download and print the opt-out form linked at the bottom of the Tutor.com - Opt-Out Information web page and submit the form to the student’s school.

Once logged into SIS ParentVUE, how exactly does a parent/guardian opt-out a student?

  • Directions to Opt-Out via SIS ParentVUE:
    • Parent/Guardian logs into SIS ParentVUE
    • Select Student
    • Click on Student Info from the menu bar on the left
    • Click on Edit Information at the top of the Student Info screen
    • Change the value for Tutor.com Access to “No” under the Changed Value column. 
    • Click on Save Changes
    • If the opt out is desired for additional students, the parent/guardian must select each student individually and repeat the process.

How can a parent/guardian create a ParentVUE account to Opt-Out electronically?

If  a parent/guardian does not have a SIS ParentVUE account, please go to the Student Information System support page.

Can a student be opted-out from accessing the tutoring services after the initial deadline has passed?

Yes, parents/guardians may decide to opt a student out of Tutor.com tutoring services at a later date via SIS ParentVue or by submitting a request via the opt-out form to the student’s school.

How can a parent see if their student has been correctly opted out in SIS ParentVUE?

  • Parent/Guardian logs into SIS ParentVUE
  • Select Student
  • Click on Student Info from the menu bar on the left
  • Click on Edit Information at the top of the Student Info screen
  • Confirm the value for Tutor.com Access is “No” under the Changed Value column.

If initially opted-out, how can a student’s opt-out status be updated so the student can access Tutor.com tutoring services?

  • Parents/Guardians can update their students’ status via SIS ParentVUE by changing “no” to “yes”.  This change will enable the student to begin accessing Tutor.com tutoring services within 1-2 days.
  • If the parent/guardian is unable to use SIS ParentVUE, a request can be submitted to their student’s school. Please note that submitting a request to school-based staff will take more time to process; therefore, it will be a longer period of time before the student will be able to access the tutoring service.


Are there dates when a parent will not be able to access SIS ParentVUE?

SIS ParentVUE will be down June 17-24, 2022 for the end of the year rollover process. Therefore, if a parent wants to opt-out a student or make a change to a student's current opt-out status, access to SIS ParentVUE will resume on June 27, 2022.

Additional Questions

Where can families find information about in-person tutoring?

Families may find information about in-person tutoring on the Tutors and Tutoring page in the Family Engagement resources on the public web

What happens if a student behaves inappropriately during a tutoring session?

If a student behaves inappropriately during a tutoring session, the tutor will immediately respond with a text to officially notify the student that inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and will end the session. Tutor.com staff will block the student’s access to the online tutoring service and notify an FCPS staff member of the incident so that appropriate disciplinary action can be taken. After meeting with the student, FCPS staff will notify Tutor.com when the student’s access to the tutoring services can be reactivated.

Where can a question not answered in the FAQ be submitted?

Send any additional questions to [email protected].