Ombuds: 4 Principles

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The identity of those seeking assistance from the Ombuds, along with their communication with the Ombuds, is confidential as permitted by law. Written communication will be destroyed in accordance with the Library of Virginia.

Exceptions to Confidentiality
The Ombuds will not reveal information disclosed to them except:

  • With permission from the Visitor
  • When information is deemed to place someone in imminent harm 
  • Allegations of child abuse/neglect


The Office will be free from interference in the performance of its duties. The reporting structure is to FCPS Leadership (Chief Experience and Engagement Officer) and is separate from other offices within the division.


Staff within the Office remain neutral and do not take sides. They do not defend FCPS, nor do they serve as advocates for Visitors. 


Ombuds’ services are informal and “off-the record.”  Staff members within the Office have no power to change rules, policies or conduct investigations. They serve as a resource to answer questions and work with Visitors to draft options to assist in obtaining their desired outcomes.

Ways to Contact Us

Call: 571-423-4014

Text: 571-496-8284

Email: [email protected]