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Step 1: Get started

Step 2: Enter your Homeroom or a specific course

  1. Click on the "COURSES" link in the top navigation bar in Schoology.
  2. Select your "Teacher's Homeroom"
    or the "Subject" you want to discuss with your tutor
  3. Click on on the left side of the screen (opens in a new window)

     Screen shot of clicking the courses tab at the top of the page and then selecting homeroom or subject and finally clicking the link on the bottom of the left navbar on the course page.

Step 3: Find the right tutor will open in its own window. You can connect with a tutor from the main page.

Steps to find a tutor:

  1. Under the "What do you need help with today?" heading, use the dropdowns to find your tutor:
    • Language (that the tutor will communicate with)
    • Topic
    • Subject (options are based on Topic)
    • Grade level

      Screen shot of filter dropdowns on main page
  2. Choose how you would like to communicate with your tutor
    • Chat - use the chat box to text with your tutor
    • Chat + Voice - Speak over the microphone or phone with your tutor and use chat box

      Screenshot of radio button options for how to communicate with tutor
  3. In the "Enter your question" textbox
    • Write what you would like to get help with.

      Screen shot of textbox to enter in a question.
  4. If you have a file to share with your tutor:
    1. Click the "Attach File" link
    2. Click the "Choose File" button
    3. Select the file you want to talk about with your tutor

      Screen shot of Attach File link becoming Choose file button.

Step 4: Start your session

Click on the "CONNECT NOW" button to connect with a tutor.

Screen shot of the green 'connect now' button.

NOTE: Tutoring sessions are recorded if you need help remembering something your tutor said. You’ll also be able to email or print the text-chat and whiteboards.

Step 5: Rate and review your session

A survey window appears after the end of session.

  1. Fill out the ratings
  2. Add any feedback in the textbox
  3. Click the 'Submit' button

    Screen shot of the tutor's survey with radio buttons, text box, and submit button.

Step 6: End your session

Once you finish rating and reviewing your session:

  1. Click the 'Close' button of the window.

    Screen shot of windows close button

Start a new session whenever you need help

If you want to start a new session right after another session ends, follow steps 2–6 above.

NOTE: Make sure the topic you choose is part of the course you chose in Schoology.

Use My Account

The My Account menu on the main page has several sections:

  • My Sessions - View your saved past sessions.
  • My Favorite Tutors - Add tutors to your favorites list so you can reconnect with them or see when they are next scheduled in the section.
  • My Locker - See files you have saved or shared with your tutors.
  • Sign out - Log out of

    Screen shot of 'my account' menu on main page.

Use Special Tools

In your tutoring session there are many tools available to help you and your tutor communicate. These tools are located across the top of the session window and include:

  • Whiteboard - Use this board to draw, erase, add shapes, and change colors
  • Graphing Calculator - Use this tool when working on complex math
  • Code Editor - Use this option to work on code for computer science
  • Text Editor - A tool for editing writing

More tools can be found on the left sidebar of the tutoring session.

Screen shot of the whiteboard and tool buttons in a tutoring session.

Writing Help

The Drop-Off Review service allows you to get help from a tutor without a live tutor.

Click the "Submit for Review" button found on the top navigation of the Tutor home page to start the review process.

Screen shot of the 'Submit paper for review' button.

How the Drop-Off Review Works

  1. Upload your writing homework, grammar worksheet, etc.
  2. Your tutor will send you helpful feedback within 12 hours.
  3. You can see what your tutor said in My Sessions.

Practice Quizzes

Practice quizzes are available to help you get ready for Math, Science, and English tests. 

Click the "Take a practice quiz" button on the top navigation of the Tutor home page.

Screen shot of 'take a quiz' button.

Practice Quiz Steps

  1. Take a quiz in the subject of your choice.
  2. View your score.
  3. Review the questions you answered correctly.
  4. Connect with a tutor about anything you missed.

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