SOL High School Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn about SOL assessments within high schools

High school students have opportunities to take a variety of assessments to fulfill state testing and graduation requirements. Click on each question below to view the response. 

Why is my student identified for an SOL test?

Students enrolled in these courses may take the EOC test if the student needs a verified credit for graduation or if the student has not yet met federal testing requirements. Students who have previously earned a standard credit, but not passed the associated SOL test also have an opportunity to test. Students who have met the testing requirements for graduation and federal accountability are not allowed to test.

What score does my student need to earn in order to receive a verified credit?

For spring/summer of 2021, the Virginia Board of Education has implemented emergency guidelines for locally awarded verified credits due to Covid-19. A score of 400 is considered passing for a Virginia SOL test. For spring 2021, students currently enrolled in a course, who score between a 350-399 will earn verified credit towards meeting graduation requirements. Students who score in this range are not required to retest; however, parents/guardians may elect for their student to retest if desired. If you would like your student to retest please contact your student’s school counselor or the assessment coach/school test coordinator at your student’s school.

How are assessments delivered?

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)  requires that all SOL tests be taken at an approved FCPS site. The Health and Safety Protocols for Assessments webpage gives information on how our school is preparing for safe testing and what you and your student can expect on the day of the test.

What if I do not want my student to test during this spring timeframe?

All students enrolled in Virginia public schools must pass approved tests to earn verified credit to graduate with a standard or advanced studies diploma. A decision to refuse an available assessment could affect on-time graduation for your student. Please contact your student’s counselor for more information. 

More information about the implications of refusing testing can be found on the Right to Refuse Assessments webpage .

If we defer SOL testing in spring 2021, when can my student access a test for verified credit?

The timing of a student’s graduation plans should be taken into consideration. Students will have additional opportunities to test in the 2021-22 school year. If you have questions about SOL testing or wish to refuse testing at this time, please contact your student’s school counselor or the assessment coach/school test coordinator at your student’s school.

What if my student has a substitute test for the SOL scheduled?

The Virginia Board of Education has approved certain substitute tests that can be used for verified credit. Some students already have a qualifying substitute test score for a currently enrolled course. Using the substitute test for verified credit fully meets the graduation requirement for the course. However, any SOL tests that are also used to meet federal testing requirements must still be taken or must be refused.

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