Career Awareness Activities (Work-Based Learning)

Learn about work through examination. Awareness activities help students to understand where and why people work. Students get a better understanding of workplace expectations and define personal interests and strengths.

Through Career Awareness Activities, students discover their interests and talents by examining careers in-depth.

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Tours of Business Sites

Students get a “behind the scenes” look at a business or industry when they tour. Students meet employees and have a chance to ask questions. They see work in progress. Professionals describe their jobs and show specific tasks. Students learn about the application process, educational requirements, and training opportunities. Students get a snapshot of potential career opportunities.

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Career Fairs

Career fairs or expos allow students to meet employers and share information. Events may highlight specific industries. Students learn more about future and immediate opportunities. Fairs promote networking and interpersonal communication.

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Guest Speakers

Business partners present about a specific position, field, or topic. Speakers may talk about their personal paths, choices, and challenges. Students have a chance to ask questions. Reflection promotes self-assessment. Presentations take place in the school setting or the workplace.

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Informational Interviews

Students prepare questions and meet with an expert. They learn more about the professional's experiences in a specific career or industry. They review the personal career pathway of the individual. Students may also explore the future education, training, and employment opportunities. Interviews take place virtually (including email contact) and in person.

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