Curriculum Specialist - Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches serve in the role of a curriculum specialist when they collaborate with teachers to develop an understanding around their curriculum in order to provide the best instruction to their students.

Coaches know how to determine broad and finite learning outcomes, recognize the sequential, hierarchical, and conceptual relationship within the curriculum, how to ‘peel’ a broad content standards into its essential knowledge and skills, and how to plan pacing guides.

Coaches help teachers recognize interdisciplinary connections within standards to maximize students’ opportunities to learn and apply their learning.
- Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison; Taking the Lead

The Role of the Curriculum Specialist:

As Curriculum Specialists, coaches develop a deep understanding of the content and curriculum as well as aid teachers in developing their own content knowledge. Coaches have familiarity with vertical articulation and are able to facilitate discussions around the breadth and depth of standards as students grow.

Here are some ways that FCPS Instructional Coaches serve in this role:

  • Deepening teachers content knowledge through job-embedded professional development opportunities.
  • Interpreting county curriculum guides alongside teachers while helping to uncover essential understandings about standards.
  • Collaborating with teachers to analyze curricular materials in order to align content with instructional strategies.

When coaching is designed well, coaches can help semi-skilled teachers as well as skilled educators refine their practice on the job in all essential areas...and help to ensure that every student is working with a highly-qualified, caring teacher.
- Lucy West and Antonia Cameron; Agents of Change