Meet the Author: Stuart Gibbs

January 11, 2018 · Audience: Students in Grades 4-6

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Stuart Gibbs has always wanted to be a writer, even writing stories in kindergarten. He also wanted to go to space, work at the zoo, and be a spy. Those career choices are reflected in his many books — from Belly Up to Spaced Out.

Gibbs is known for his humorous and suspenseful series of books including FunJungle, The Last Musketeer, and the New York Times bestselling Spy School and Moon Base Alpha series. He has written several screenplays and developed television shows for Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, and Fox.

In this edition of Meet the Author, Stuart shares his writing process, insights on research, and character development. Coates Elementary School (FCPS) students create book hooks and cover art for Stuart’s books. The author also answers students’ e-mail questions and phone calls.

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