Meet the Author: Ruta Sepetys

November 2, 2017 · Audience: Students in Grades 8-12

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She’s a “seeker of lost stories.” During a BookList Reader interview, Ruta Sepetys said, “I want to give voice to those who have never had a chance to tell their story.” Her books are published in over 50 countries and in 36 languages and read by teens and adults alike.

Her latest historical fiction, Salt to the Sea, is a New York Times Bestseller. Told from the character’s point of view, the book follows the struggles of three teenagers who seek refuge during the end of World War II but find tragedy instead.

During the live webcast, Ruta Sepetys shares her writing process, insights on research, character development, and telling one’s personal story. She also talks about other her award-winning books Between Shades of Grey and Out of the Easy. In one segment, Stone Middle Schools (FCPS) students packed “virtual suitcases.” Ruta Sepetys also answers questions from students.

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