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Programs Available as MP4 Video Files

To request video download links, please fill out the Video Link Request Form. You may download, record, and/or save the high resolution MP4 video(s). An e-mail with the video file URL(s) will be sent to you when we receive the completed registration form.

  • The video file(s) may be transmitted via open broadcast on public television stations, basic subscriber cable services, PEG channels, and school system distribution networks provided the broadcast is for instructional purposes only.
  • You may stream the video file(s) publicly via your live channel streaming feeds.
  • You may not offer the video file(s) via on-demand web streaming, web-based download, or any other method that requires hosting web-quality media on your servers.
  • You may make DVD copies of the video file(s) for use by educators. Each such additional copy shall be subject to all provisions.
  • The video file(s) may not be edited or altered in any way. Educators may use excerpts of the program to support classroom lessons as needed.
  • The video file(s) may not be used to generate revenue.


  • The Art of … Musical Improvisation — On YouTube
  • Creating george WASHINGTON — On YouTube

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  • In Our Backyard: The Opioid and Heroin Crisis — On YouTube
  • Tricked: Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking — On YouTube

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LANGUAGE ARTS — Meet the Author Webcasts

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  • A Conversation with the ISS & Astronaut Kjell Lindgren — On YouTube
  • Flight School 5: On the Red Planet — On YouTube
  • Innovation Workshop: Building Discovery — On YouTube
  • Innovation Workshop: Harnessing the Sun — On YouTube
  • Innovation Workshop: Nanotechnology — On YouTube
  • National Museum of Natural History's Science How? Request Form

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  • The Constitution and Executive Power — On YouTube
  • Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies — On YouTube
  • Fractured Union — On YouTube
  • Hear My Story: The Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon — On YouTube
  • I Ain't No Three Fifths of a Person: Slavery and the Constitution — On YouTube
  • Inaugural Visions: Presidents Washington to Obama — On YouTube
  • Shaping the Presidency — On YouTube
  • Surviving the Holocaust — On YouTube
  • Virginia's First People — On YouTube

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  • Best Practices for Teaching and Learning — On YouTube
  • Cultural Competence — On YouTube

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Community Keynotes Webcasts — Thought-provoking presentations for the benefit of students, teachers, and the community

  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning — On YouTube
  • Academic Success & Mental Health — On YouTube
  • Assistive Technology — On YouTube
  • Concussion Protocol — On YouTube
  • Emotional Intelligence — On YouTube
  • Explicit Instruction — On YouTube
  • How to Raise an Adult — On YouTube
  • Managing Stress — On YouTube
  • Meeting the Needs of Struggling Readers — On YouTube
  • Neuroscience and Learning — On YouTube
  • Performance-Based Assessments — On YouTube
  • Safeguarding Mental Wellness — On YouTube
  • Strategic Leadership — On YouTube
  • Substance Abuse — On YouTube

  • Family Involvement Equals School Success — On YouTube
  • Small Wonders, Big Gains: The Preschool Autism Classroom — On YouTube

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