Leadership Development

Fairfax County Public School leadership level employees are eligible to participate in exclusive professional development programs. 

Accelerated Certification Cohort (ACC)

The Accelerated Certification Cohort (ACC) enrolls motivated and experienced FCPS educators to work toward a Virginia license in education administration. This learning cohort consists of high performing FCPS teacher and central office leaders who have demonstrated the skills necessary to pursue advanced leadership opportunities in FCPS. The program is managed in collaboration with the University of Virginia, and licensure is granted by the Virginia Department of Education based on the successful completion of this one year, non-credit program. The selection process is highly competitive.

Administrator Development Cohort

This Academy course is an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills of a successful school-based administrator. Guest speakers include leadership team members and experienced principals. Using the FCPS Leadership Standards, participants will gain thorough knowledge of practical information that can be immediately applied.

Aspiring Principals Cohort

This professional development opportunity is provided to a cohort of experienced school- based administrators who have demonstrated the skills, knowledge and desire to move forward within FCPS as a principal.  The program, which focuses on FCPS Leadership Standards, provides opportunities to develop the skills and disposition to assume the role of principal.

Compass Courses

Year-round professional learning opportunities for administrators, central office program managers and teacher leaders within Fairfax County Public Schools. More information can be found on the FCPS Intranet site.

FCPS/FCG Middle Managers’ Roundtable (MMRT)

The FCPS/FCG Middle Managers’ Roundtable (MMRT) is a program for middle managers sponsored by the Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement and the Fairfax County Government (FCG) Department of Administration for Human Services and Public Safety.

This eight-month program provides skill development in critical thinking, management, and leadership. The 21st-century manager and leader will face unique challenges and opportunities, and the MMRT is designed to help participants meet these emerging issues and needs.

Participants are provided with networking opportunities within the cohort as well as throughout the enterprises of both government sectors; critical thinking skills are developed through participation in a structured cohort project.

Principal Induction Program (PIP)

The Principal Induction Program (PIP) is designed to meet the immediate informational and leadership needs of new principals as well as experienced principals who are new to their schools. PIP provides a cohort setting where colleagues collaborate on topics such as:

  • Finance
  • Cultural Proficiency
  • Communications
  • Mission and Vision
  • Human Resource Management
  • Instructional Leadership

School-Based Administrator Induction Program (SBAIP)

The School-Based Administrator Induction Program (SBAIP) is designed to support new school administrators in their first year of service in the position. Essential information about school leadership is presented to support the learning of new Assistant Principals, Directors of Student Services and Directors of Student Activities. Topics include:

  • Managing Student Discipline
  • Human Resources
  • School Finance
  • Communication and Community Relations
  • Special Education

SBAIP members also participate in Fierce Conversations, a two-day course. Fierce transforms conversations to promote productivity, accountability, and develop leadership skills.

University Cohorts

The purpose of this program is to develop potential education leaders who are highly skilled and well-prepared to fill administrative leadership vacancies in FCPS.

The Education Leadership Cohort Program is a collaborative program between Fairfax County Public Schools and three local universities:

  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • George Mason University

The university program applies both FCPS and Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) standards to prepare education employees for school-based administrative positions: Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Student Services and Student Activities Director.

The Education Leadership program is an approved program by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to include an internship along with the required School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) examination, and fulfills the VDOE requirements for licensure in Administration and Supervision PreK-12.


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