School Library Resources

School library collections provide students with access to a variety of resources.

School library collections provide students with access to a variety of resources that support research and information needs, literacy development, personal and academic growth. Every student should be able to find books to connect with in their library, although not every book in the library will connect with every student. School libraries function based on student choice, and inclusion of material in the library does not imply a book or resource is approved for instruction.

Schools follow established guidelines to offer books and resources in their libraries that reflect the diversity found in society.


Materials selected for inclusion in school library collections will meet at least one of the following purposes:

  • Enrich and support the FCPS Program of Studies and the Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Encourage and support informational and recreational reading, viewing, or listening and help students develop the skills necessary to become lifelong learners
  • Meet the information needs of students and staff taking into consideration diverse interests, abilities, backgrounds, reading levels, maturity levels, home languages, and students’ interests.

The school librarian, under the supervision of the school principal, is required to use at least two positive reviews from professionally recognized library journals when making book and resource selections. When reviews are not available, the librarian must read and evaluate the materials as they align with FCPS Regulation 3013, School Library Collection Development. School librarians shall consider recommendations from faculty, students, and parents.

Collection Maintenance

School librarians annually create a Collection Development policy that outlines the goals and actions related to selecting and removing materials. This policy is reviewed with school administration each year. All FCPS librarians strive to provide a relevant, current, accessible, and appealing collection and undergo a continual evaluation of library books and resources in relation to evolving curriculum, new formats of materials, instructional methods, and the current needs and interests of its users.