About FCPS School Library Programs

FCPS school libraries create a dynamic and welcoming space focused on student success and wellness.

Every student deserves an education that prepares them for lifelong learning, success in the world, and the space to be an affirmed individual.

In Fairfax County Public School Libraries, students develop knowledge and skills, experience a sense of belonging, find inspiration and support, and have the ability to freely pursue their personal interests and academic growth.

School librarians create a dynamic and welcoming space focused on student success and wellness. In the library, students can access information and apply knowledge and skills they need to support their learning; tinker, design, or create with maker activities; choose a great book to read; find a space to concentrate or destress by completing a puzzle or craft with friends; connect with others through a club activity, and much more. School libraries are places of opportunity.

School Librarians Serve Several Key Roles


School librarians practice an inquiry-based approach to learning focused on students’ critical thinking, information and research skills, and literacy development in reading, media literacy and digital literacy. Students apply this learning along with Portrait of a Graduate skills to analyze, develop, and communicate knowledge, understanding, and ideas in compelling and creative ways.

Information Specialist

School librarians activate students’ curiosity, teaching them how to develop rich questions of inquiry and use their critical thinking skills to seek and evaluate information, draw conclusions, support their own ideas, and communicate them effectively and creatively. Students learn to use technology responsibly, understanding how to be good digital citizens and savvy researchers. School librarians also support reading and literacy development, helping students to appreciate the joy of reading.

Instructional Partner

School librarians are collaborators with teachers and other school staff. They co-plan and co-teach lessons that integrate library curriculum standards with content area objectives and collaborate in the development of meaningful, learning experiences. They also act as essential partners to classroom teachers and staff by providing resources that support and extend student learning in the classroom. School librarians often provide professional learning and digital resource training to staff.


School librarians are leaders who connect school improvement and innovation goals with the library program. They actively support FCPS instructional priorities and model cultural responsiveness and equity practices in their programs.

Program Administrator

School librarians administer the library program through a variety of vital tasks. They determine program goals for continuous improvement in student learning, literacy development, library services, communication, and access. They direct an ongoing evaluation process for library resources to meet the needs of the school community and organize the library space to be inviting and functional. They ensure policies and practices reflect equitable access to library resources, the library space, and library services for all students and staff.

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