Superintendent's Weekly Reflections

By Dr. Michelle Reid
Superintendent's Messages
July 07, 2022

After several months of preparation and a six-day, cross-country drive, I wanted to reach out and share again how excited I am to be here in Fairfax County and to be part of the Fairfax County Public Schools family! 

During my journey across the country this past week, I had the opportunity to reflect on the FCPS stakeholders I have met thus far, as well as everything I have learned about Fairfax County to this point. This is a premier community and a premier school division and I am thrilled to now call Fairfax my home, as well as my community.

At my swearing-in ceremony last week, I spoke about what first drew me to this community. What drew me here is the community’s passion, spirit, and the exceptional depth of care that is shown toward each and every student, every day, in every one of our buildings and beyond. Like many others, I was also drawn here because of the value and importance placed on education. I especially appreciate the world class educators and staff in a variety of roles here in FCPS. Their work, and as importantly the way they do this work, matters.   

It is my sincerest wish and deepest commitment to you that when each student leaves FCPS, we will have given them the tools, resources, experiences, and opportunities needed for them to be able to both pursue and accomplish their own unique hopes and dreams. 

I look forward to meeting you over the coming months and years and learning about the unique traditions and history of FCPS and Fairfax County. I appreciate the opportunity to build on these traditions as we prepare our students for a world yet to be imagined; together, all things are possible.